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Pike-WAIS Dictionary of Idioms (Pweedy)

Below you'll find a list of idioms/expressions in multiple languages along with synonyms, antonyms, anecdotes, etc. You can search, select by category or sort by any column.

WAIS Members can also  edit and submit new entries. 

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Idiom Language Category
¡vaya tostón! Spanish Boredom
Avere sempre la lingua lunga Italian Complaint
Je ne suis pas à la hauteur French Bewilderment
Potremmo stento a crederci! Italian Bewilderment
Quedarse completamente en ayunas Spanish Bewilderment
Ser chinche Portuguese Complaint
! que cara mas dura ¡ Spanish Indignation
!mire que hacen esperar a la gente así! Portuguese Impatience
!quién fortuna sfacciata! Italian Envy
¡andas mirando moros con tranchete! Spanish Deception
¡No te engañes! Spanish Contradiction
¡qué asco! Spanish Disgust
¡Suertudo! ¡Morrudo! Spanish Envy
¡vaya asco Spanish Disgust
?Encuentras palabras ? Spanish Indignation
(dei musei) posso farne a meno Italian Indifference
(En) revenir à ses moutons French Contradiction
(If he said that,) He must have a screw loose: he`s lost his marbles English Contempt
(Il caso) lui spossato Italian Embarrassment
(le proces) l’a nettoye French Embarrassment
(Museen) lassen mich kalt German Indifference
(museums) leave me cold English Indifference
(Museus ) me deixam com frio Portuguese Indifference
(The court case) Wiped him out English Embarrassment
(toujours) chercher la petite bête French Complaint