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Post Quran-Burning in Afghanistan
Created by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich on 02/26/12 4:49 AM -

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Quran-Burning in Afghanistan (Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, USA, 02/26/12 4:49 am)

Although I am not in the habit of responding to individuals who use ad
attacks instead of presenting logical arguments, I will make an exception.

I suggest Joe Listo (25 February) read posts with an open mind and refrain from
interpreting everything according to his ideology--or what he thinks is
being said. He would not need to have a response from me if that were the
case. In my post of February 23, I wrote:  "There is ample anti-US
sentiment in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world."

Mr. Listo may wish to conduct his own personal polls and satisfy himself
with the results, but I look for accuracy and therefore prefer to rely on
reputable sources (such as WPO)--and of course, reaction to Americans
around the world. I also speak to people around the world, but find it
terribly narrow-minded to think a few people I may talk to reflect "world

As for America's moral standing (which Mr. Listo likes to compare to Iran
which does not claim to be a house on a hill with the moral authority to
change the world), I suggest he read a bit of history, past and current,
including the genocide of the natives, slavery, experiments on Blacks, the
coups, the wars, the support of terrorists, the double-standards, etc.

As for the three GOP candidates with the exception of Ron Paul, I am not
in the habit of deciding what should be done with individuals I believe to
be a danger to society, as the three candidates are (they incite violence,
encourage terrorism, speak of starting wars and killing more people, and of
violating international laws).  However, I strongly believe that they do not
qualify to run for President. Any individual that makes it his/her platform
to serve another nation above the US in order to become a White House
occupant, is guilty of treason in my opinion.

I contribute to this society and have no ambitions to run it--but since Mr.
Listo asks what alternative to improve the situation, I am confident that
someone of Mr. Paul's character and conviction helps America's perception
around the world.

JE comments:  A contentious day is shaping up in WAISworld, but I'll be leaving in one hour for the East Coast (Delaware), and won't have much time to edit the Forum.  (It's an eleven-hour drive to Mom's.)  For now, I'd like to pose this very Hiltonian question:  what are they saying about Ron Paul in the nations of the eurozone, the Middle East, Asia?  Have his policy views been discussed seriously, or is he treated as a GOP sideshow?  Are countries like Pakistan and Israel, the biggest recipients of US largesse, concerned that Pres. Paul might cut them off, or do they not even consider the possibility?

I'd wager that a corner of Hamid Karzai's mind is a bit nervous.

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  • Quran-Burning in Afghanistan (Joe Listo, Brazil 02/26/12 5:00 PM)

    I am surprised Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich (26 February) stated she is not in the habit of responding to
    individual attacks. She always responds to attacks, ad hominem or not, as
    long as she can make a point in the direction that the US is responsible
    for all the sins of the world. I am not digressing here. This is a fact, and
    all WAISers have to do is read her posts.

    I thank Soraya for her advice for me to read her posts with an open mind. Her
    posts are crystal clear to me. However, I cannot refrain from thinking in
    accordance with my ideology because in doing so I would be betraying the
    very foundations I believe in. In that sense, Soraya and I are not too far
    apart. She always states her feelings towards the US, the difference being
    what she feels and what I feel.

    Do we have to be mathematically accurate in a free Forum such as WAIS? I
    believe we do not and most of the time we can not, because WAISers express
    their opinions based on a number of different sources and these
    sources frequently produce different results on the same subject. I did
    not mention that my personal poll on attitudes towards the US was accurate, but sampling opinions of
    people around the world can reflect an overall and true feeling in relation
    to the researched subject. In the small universe of my polling, I was not
    able to detect the intense anti-American sentiment Soraya continually alludes
    to, except in the Middle East.

    Again, when the GOP candidates state an opinion different from what Soraya
    would like to hear, she contends they are not "sane." In her view, except
    for Ron Paul, the other candidates want to take office to incite violence,
    encourage terrorism, start wars and kill more people, and violate
    international laws. No less. I follow the presidential candidates as close
    as distance permits, and yet I do not read them in the light Soraya does. I
    wonder how those sadistic candidates stand a chance against Ron Paul.

    Although I have done extensive reading throughout my life, Soraya believes
    that if I read more about all the "bad things" the US did to the world
    perhaps I could see the US in a different, more negative light. On the
    contrary, I can guarantee her that nothing on the face of the Earth
    will change my opinion and allegiance to the US.

    JE comments:  Greetings to all from Delaware--Small Wonder, America's corporate HQ, land of tax-free shopping.  During my long drive eastward a lot of posts have joined the queue.  I'll do what I can to catch up with them tomorrow.

    For now, I think Joe Listo and Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich have stated their cases.  I've greatly enjoyed the time I've spent with Soraya and Joe, and I can assure them that if and when they could actually meet, they would like each other.  Really.  WAISers are like that--at times antagonistic on the Forum, but in person we're all one happy family...really.

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