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Post Salvini, Populism, Neo-Fascism
Created by John Eipper on 08/19/19 6:28 AM

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Salvini, Populism, Neo-Fascism (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 08/19/19 6:28 am)

José Ignacio Soler (17 August) asked whether Salvini's form of populism is a revival of Fascism.

It depends on what one would call a new form of Fascism.

The genuine original Fascism (in spite of some compromises) after 15 centuries of turmoil and disunity, gave the Italians 20 years of pride plus industrial, agricultural, social, cultural, environmental, etc. progress with unity and independence. Fascism is not an authoritarian man who speaks from a balcony and loses wars alongside unsavory allies. It is first of all socializzazione, united with a great sense of the state and the nation.

Salvini is a modern politician who probably does not even know what socializzazione is.  However, he has the great merit of having transformed his secessionist party "Lega Nord" into an Italian "Lega."

Tuesday his period as a member of the government allied with 5 Stars will probably end, and 5 Stars will change its partner from the Lega to the left Democratic Party and form a new coalition. Really it is Salvini who is at odds with 5 Stars and wants new elections. Over the year in the polls and European elections, the Lega has jumped from 17% to 37%, while the 5 Stars has dropped from 34% to 17%.

In new elections the Center-right coalition with Salvini as leader will easily win, but the left president of the republic will not permit it. The former PM Prodi just to reaffirm the colonial status of Italy, is "proudly" calling the left government "Ursula" in honor of the German president of the so-called EU.

The hatred against Salvini is mainly due to his immigration policy. He has said "stop" to the European policy by which all immigrants picked up at sea shall be disembarked at the first safe port, which for geographic reasons is the small Italian island of Lampedusa. Then when the immigrants are in Italy, no other European country wants them, and if they manage to sneak into France, Germany etc, they are sent back to Italy.

This reminds me of the ridiculous Conference of Evian (France) 6 July 1938, sponsored by FDR to give asylum to Jews from Germany and Austria. Of 32 states, only the Dominican Republic (10,000) and Bolivia (30,000) agreed; all the others said no. Switzerland agreed to give a transit visas, while the Zionist Organization could accept the transfer of all Jews to Palestine and nowhere else. Of great controversy is the attitude of the Irgun Tsvai Leumi (Avraham Stern) and its contacts with the German Authorities to facilitate Jewish Immigration to Palestine (this is not to be talked about).

By the way these immigrants without the NGO ships waiting for them at the limits of Libyan waters could never reach Italy with the plastic floating gear supplied by the smugglers. Such boats would sink after a few miles. So no NGO ships awaiting would mean no immigrants. Who can be such a damned fool as to go at sea without the hope of being promptly rescued? The migrants also tend to say that they are under 18 even if they are over 20, as the underage receive special protection and acceptance.

Furthermore, most of these immigrants are young fellows claiming to run away from wars. They rather should be considered draft dodgers to be sent back to their country to fight for the legal government or for the rebels if they want to change politics.

I had two friends older than me.  One (unfortunately) joined the partisans and died fighting while trying to force a checkpoint. The other joined the RSI and at the end after surrender received a wild beating and then was thrown in the waters of the harbor and shot until he went down. Was this a lay-democratic-antifascist sport?

I therefore have no sympathy for draft dodgers.

JE comments:  What is preferable:  glory and honor, or survival?  Humans divide into two camps on this one.  A quick question about Avraham Stern (of the eponymous Gang):  Wikipedia asserts that his contact with the Axis was a trap set up by British intelligence.  Eugenio Battaglia claims otherwise.  Has anyone studied this event in detail?

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