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Post What About the Afterlife with God the Universe?
Created by John Eipper on 07/21/21 3:14 AM

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What About the Afterlife with God the Universe? (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 07/21/21 3:14 am)

Based on my WAIS post of July 16th, John Eipper asked: "Tor, one of the central questions of the human condition is whether religion is a force for good or evil...If you're inclined towards the negative view, then ouch, we have been a disappointment. But what about Shakespeare, Goethe, Leonardo, Copernicus, Lincoln...?"

Obviously God has been very generous dispensing special abilities and talents to many individuals, but this provides no evidence to answer the question if organized religions are good or evil. A large number of Atheists and Agnostics have been just as talented and accomplished as religious people, and probably more so since it takes a doubter or skeptic to try new things; this is a no-no for religious faithful people.

I understand that all religions can personally be very inspiring, consoling, entertaining, etc. But between religious groups, religions have also led to misery, death, and destruction for a variety of reasons. People can believe anything they want if it benefits them personally, but it quickly becomes difficult for the individual to control not becoming a victim of their own beliefs as a group. Historically such duality has been proved very difficult or impossible.

On balance spiritualism is fine, but organized religions have been a massive waste of time and energy for mankind. To increasingly better understand God and the Universe, mankind has only one productive way: use scientific methods to grow knowledge. Stay away from relatively short-term, short-sighted man-made superstitions, no matter how tempting. Because science tells us about the Law of Gravity, we are completely sure that jumping off tall buildings will kill us. More recently Quantum Theory allowed us to create numerous electronic industry sectors and corresponding marvelous products, at human will. What have organized religions accomplished for mankind for the last many thousands of years? God the Universe beckons us to science with increasingly great evidence, even though most humans remain intoxicated by useless superstition.

My friend Eugenio Battaglia made some interesting comments and a heavy duty question about God the Universe. His statement about "In the vastness of the ocean, you really enjoy the beauty of the world and life, and your thanks to God flows easily, while the remembrance of a faraway girl is also with you" is downright poetic to me, because I feel so grateful that God the universe has granted me that marvelous feeling so many times before in land and the sea. It is truly amazing.

The only statement I don't like is "There are no atheists at sea in bad weather. Instead of thanking God for the gifts received, a prayer to Him to improve the weather is the right thing to do." As I wrote before, I have shown that until now Atheism is wrong scientifically. Also, I prefer the Viking approach to deal with Odin under combat against man, beast, or the sea: courage, strength and focus. Because you are at God's influence, I believe humility and respect are critical for good luck. Fear profits no one. Further, God the Universes teaches me that it is unreasonable to expect that It will stop any unfolding disaster of any kind requiring the laws of the Universe to be changed on your account. Just pray for God to help you survive. Better still, learn a lot about climate change and weather forecast so you can avoid trouble in the future.

Last, I am grateful for Eugenio's kind words and question: "I always love the posts of my dear friend Tor Guimaraes and for a long time I've had a question for him: With God the Universe so well presented, what about the human afterlife?" Thank God Eugenio asked this only now. I was lucky enough to share a great discussion about Consciousness, and how model scientists and philosophers have been forced to slowly change their views dramatically on this topic, from including only animals with a brain to including lower-level animals, and even plants. God the Universe tells me that, in the beginning the Universe (however scientists keep on defining) is made up of only energy. This energy, based on the rules of the Universe, can transform itself into increasingly complex elements and molecules, and rocks and minerals. These basic blocks by luck (we might say by the breath of God) can combine into living things. God's gift of Evolution and more luck produced these silly animals called humans who being too ignorant to marvel at this incredible gift of creation, hastily trying to assuage their own fears by creating hundreds of gods in their own image.

Off course all these false gods are designed to make man feel comfortable, in the driver's seat, and to manipulate the gullible. Where is God in all of this? I believe God is everything in the Universe (the basic energy making up everything, including consciousness). Depending on your level of consciousness, one is more or less aware of the Universe as a whole. Most humans can be aware that they are aware, many are aware (not just the words) that there are many billions of galaxies, each with many billions of stars, etc. Thus, since rocks are part of God they probably have an exceedingly low level of consciousness, much lower than a paramecium or amoeba which are much lower than the trees in a forest, etc.

When any living organism dies, I believe that its consciousness (energy) lives on forever as integral part of God the Universe. The consciousness or energy from dead things or people will have no identity, it will exist only as part of God the Universe. There is no Paradise with so many virgins, a Valhalla where ale is great and the drinks are free, or a heaven where the angels go around in white robes playing the harp. These are all man-made superstition. We all have but a few moments where God has blessed us with an identity with various levels of consciousness, to accomplish great things, learn about Truth as much as possible, help the Universe be a better place for everyone and everything, instead of doing the many stupid things we all do.

JE comments:  Tor, this week we said goodbye to the family matriarch, my beloved aunt, Ann Fullerton.  She was a nationally recognized high school biology teacher, touching the lives of thousands of students.  Auntie Ann was a woman of both science and faith, and I believe her energy remains with us.  There's nothing like losing a loved one that makes you contemplate these profound questions.

The funeral was yesterday, and Yours Truly delivered a eulogy.  There's a video on YouTube, which I'll post to WAIS.  Travel well, Auntie Ann.

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