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Post Now Available: Sir George Dixon Grahame Biography
Created by John Eipper on 04/24/21 3:48 AM

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Now Available: Sir George Dixon Grahame Biography (Silvia Ribelles de la Vega, USA, 04/24/21 3:48 am)

Dear John, dear WAISers,

Just a quick line to accompany the link of my publisher that I share here with all of you today. The biography of the British diplomat Sir George Dixon Grahame (1873-1940) is finally available. I hope you will find it interesting. Unfortunately, it is only available in Spanish. Perhaps one day I will manage to get funding for its translation into English.


Thank you, John, and thanks to David A. Westbrook for the latest post you shared on Social Capitalism. I will listen to the podcast while I train for my upcoming Camino de Santiago in June.

Actually, thank you for all the posts, really. Recently a friend of mine in Spain asked me what was I reading to keep myself informed. And I said: WAIS.

Have a great weekend.

JE comments:  You as well, Silvia, and congratulations.  A copy will be ordered for the WAIS HQ library.  The publisher's blurb piques my curiosity:  what types of rumors did the deposed Alfonso XIII circulate about Sir George?  I trust it won't be too much of a spoiler if you share a sample or two.

You sent this post yesterday, on World Book Day.  Most appropriate!  And here's a textbook example of the WAIS Effect:  in my Spanish literature and culture class just yesterday, a student gave a presentation on--you guessed it--the Camino de Santiago.  Uncanny...and Silvia, your summer assignment is to check in with your WAIS colleagues during the pilgrimage.  Godspeed!

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  • Alfonso XIII's Rumors About British Diplomat George Dixon Grahame (Silvia Ribelles de la Vega, USA 04/26/21 4:09 AM)
    Thank you for the announcement of my George Dixon Grahame biography.

    Unfortunately, we do not know what exactly Alfonso XIII said about Sir George. He himself found out that something was off when he "heard some strange things about him that were not true and found they came from the king."  Apparently "the king was very bitter against Grahame" because of his actions to make sure London recognized swiftly the new Republican regime that had been proclaimed in Spain, as you know, in April of 1931, forcing the king the go into exile.

    This we learn from the diary of Claude Bowers (he was the US Ambassador to Madrid at that time). He and Grahame became very good friends. The personal papers of Bowers (diaries and letters, which are kept in the Lilly Library at the University of Indiana) have been of great use to map out Grahame's life between 1935 and his sudden death in Rio de Janeiro in 1940. A big shout-out to those busy men who had time, after a long day with a full agenda, to sit down and leave their impressions of the events for us, nosy historians, to read decades later. Azaña's diaries have also furnished me with some delightful vignettes of Sir George.

    And that's as far as my spoiler goes!

    As for the Camino de Santiago, I will be delighted to send a brief summary after I am done. I am going to walk just the final 100 KM, but I will cover "El Camino Francés" by car, from Nájera (La Rioja) to Lugo (Galicia), where the walking will start.

    JE comments:   Base gossip does not befit a king, even a deposed one.  Regarding Sir George, one presumes the "strange" rumors concerned either sexual preferences or (less likely) political radicalism.  What else could they have been about?

    Best of luck with the camino, Silvia. The pilgrimage has long been on my Bucket List.  Someday, someday.  Has anyone in WAISworld walked the whole route, or significant parts of it?  In all my research into Prof. Hilton's travels and adventures, I found no indication that he made the trek.

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    • Walking the Camino de Santiago (Henry Levin, USA 04/26/21 9:54 AM)
      Some ten years ago, my wife Pilar and my daughter Bianca walked about half of the Camino de Santiago with two friends. They praised the great beauty of the route as well as the friendliness of the other pilgrims (from many nations) and the kindness of residents on the trail who invited them for shelter and food in the summer rain storms that passed through.

      Despite the arduous demands of traversing the demanding landscape, I never heard a complaint from them except from my daughter who was attacked by a garrapata (tick) who was induced to "back off" with a lit match.  While they trekked, I stayed at our Catalan home resting and eating and enjoying the silence.

      JE comments: Hank, this pilgrim is rarin' to go!  And I almost cringe to report another incident of the WAIS Effect.  Not ten minutes ago I was on the phone with Gustavo the Cat's doctor.  I fear our Assistant Editor has acquired a nasty, engorged garrapata on his left flank.  This spring promises to be particularly bad for ticks.

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