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Post France: EU's Biggest Danger?
Created by John Eipper on 06/23/18 2:04 PM

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France: EU's Biggest Danger? (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 06/23/18 2:04 pm)

A couple of weeks ago, our esteemed moderator JE rightly objected to my assertion that France is a lackey of the American Empire.

I would say that France generally acts as a lackey of the Empire, but quite often it tries to act like the fly versus the mule as related in the fables of Aesop...

France is the nation that in spite of its terrible defeat early in WWII still believes itself to be a great power and one of the victors thanks to a lone general who did not accept the armistice and who was pumped up like a balloon by the real Allied victors for propaganda purposes.

France is the principal danger to the EU.

The nation is living as usual with its ridiculous and dangerous "grandeur," as if Napoleon were still Emperor. If I am not wrong, the last French victory was at Wagram on 5-6 July 1809. After that, France alone never won again, except when it put down a rebellion in Madagascar in March 1947. But on second thought at Wagram, Napoleon had troops from the entire French Empire, not from France only.

Not even during WWII did the French forces with the help of the Americans, the Maquis and the Italian partisans, ever succeed in beating the RSI and the few German forces holding the Alps, in spite of the strong desire of De Gaulle to occupy pieces of Liguria, Piedmont and Val d'Aosta.

Now France with its insulting president Macron is seeking to have a French United Europe. Relations with Italy are very bad due to Macron's arrogance and hypocrisy with the immigration problem. He is insulting Italy because of its new immigration policy, but at the same time he does not accept any immigrants. The borders are completely closed, with thousands of French-speaking Africans waiting on the Italian side in the hope of finding a chance to enter France. But even if they succeed in crossing, they are caught by the French police and returned to Italy.

Although the immigration problem from the Middle East was mostly provoked by the silly self-defeating wars of the Empire and its lackeys UK and France, the problem of the immigrants from Africa was created mostly by France.

First of all, the unprovoked and stupid French attack on Gaddafi sabotaged Italian interests there. but not only. France seeks to dominate all the Francophione countries in the world, remember DeGaulle and his "Vive le Québec Libre"?

Fourteen African nations are still obliged to use the CFA, whose convertibility in euros is the "responsibility" of the French government, which also requires that 65% of their monetary reserves be deposited in France.

Said nations are politically and economically exploited by France. France has always militarily meddled in or created their sundry crises, even moving into Biafra and Katanga. In terms of its monkey business, the SDECE may be a good competitor of the CIA and KGB (or whatever its name is now).

So far the EU has been a great failure.

JE comments: As for post-Wagram French victories, how about the Marne and Verdun?  We don't see Francophobia too often on WAIS, but does Macron speak with forked tongue on immigration--i.e., criticize Italy, but not take the refugees themselves?  I hope Carmen Negrín will respond.

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  • France and Its Hypocritical Immigration Policy (Nigel Jones, -UK 06/24/18 4:27 AM)

    Even if Eugenio Battaglia (23 June) is being a little shaky historically in saying the last French victory was Wagram:  Borodino, Lutzen, Ligny, to name at least three later Napoleonic wins (even though Bonaparte was Italian, not French), and how about Solferino, fought to liberate Eugenio's Italy from the Austrians? And, as JE says, the Marne and Verdun. 

    Still, Eugenio is bang on the money when it comes to perfidious and hypocritical French policy over migrants.

    I have read horrific stories recently about the French treatment of migrant kids on their borders--cutting their shoe soles to make them walk back across the border to Italy, forcing a teenage mum to walk miles carrying her baby and so on. The French are behaving just as badly as the US authorities separating kids from their parents on the Mexican border. The big difference being that Trump openly admits what he is doing; while the arch hypocrite Macron--a self-preening liberal bag of wind if there ever was one--pretends to wring his hands over Italy 's "inhumanity" while practicing exactly the same policy. Not just hypocrisy, but nauseating hypocrisy.

    Eugenio is wrong in saying that France will dominate Europe. Germany will try to and as usual will alienate everyone in the attempt, diplomacy not being a Teutonic strong suite.

    Macron and Merkel represent the policies of yesterday. Fortunately, their time is almost up.  The peoples of Europe are finally rising up against the illiberal "liberal" elite--and not a day too soon.

    JE comments:  The situation on the Franco-Italian border must be dire.  I'd like to learn more.  Specifically, what controls are in place to "turn back" the migrants?  Isn't the entire Schengen Area supposed to be control-free?

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