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Post TV, the Fox Channel and Rupert Murdoch
Created by Ronald Hilton on 04/01/05 9:31 AM

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TV, the Fox Channel and Rupert Murdoch (Ronald Hilton, USA, 04/01/05 9:31 am)

I asked: Why is listening to Deutsche Welle news such an unpleasant experience for me?  The main reason is the noise, i.e. sound and light effects.  It may be an attempt to show that Germany leads the world in making such noise. Daryl DeBell  says: If you ever watch Fox cable, you will notice the same quality of frantic, kaleidoscopic images and pointless noise. RH: I don't watch Fox channel much, but I heard Rupert Murdoch, who owns it, speaking the Newspaper Society of Newspaper Editors.  Here is what Wikipedia says about him: Keith Rupert Murdoch (born March 11, 1931), Australian-born American media proprietor, is the major shareholder and managing director of News Corporation, one of the world's largest and most influential media corporations. He is one of the few chief executives of any multinational media corporation who (through his family company) has a controlling ownership share in the companies he runs. In recent years he has been devolving management of his companies to his son Lachlan Murdoch, who is expected to succeed him.

Murdoch is generally regarded as the most politically influential media proprietor in the world, and is regularly courted by politicians in the United States, Britain and Australia. His politics are generally conservative, although this has not always been so, and his newspapers sometimes support non-conservative parties or candidates. Beginning with newspapers, magazines and TV stations in his native Australia, he expanded into the British and American media markets, and in recent years has become a powerful force in satellite television, the film industry and other forms of media.

RH: Whether a media baron should have such power and influence is a controversial matter. Since we are discussing TV speech and audiovisual effects,let me report that his gravelly speech was unpleasant and hard to understand. I cannot imagine that he is sensitive to the music of speech or that he has any interest in it.  He probably likes Fox sound effects.

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