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Post Antisemitism and Freedom of Speech (Christopher Jones)
Created by John Eipper on 12/20/05 8:20 AM - antisemitism-and-freedom-of-speech-christopher-jones

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Antisemitism and Freedom of Speech (Christopher Jones) (John Eipper, USA, 12/20/05 8:20 am)

Christopher Jones writes: The dismissal of antisemitism as a product of envy is very simplistic, and ignores the historical roots of Judeophobia, which, at least in part, is the articulation of legitimate concerns. Moreover, to dismiss such an important historical phenomenon with one word or phrase is an old American game: the penchant for inventing small phrases like they hate Jews because they re envious to reinforce the prevailing politically correct mindset.

disagreement only means wilful ignorance of basic facts to reinforce an agenda. But what might interest Cameron, who never ceases to praise Jewish financial talents, is the fact that Jesus arrest, and execution occurred shortly after he chased the merchants from the temple. It is therefore logical to say that this act against Jewish moneylenders or finance is what prompted his speedy liquidation. (See the brief passage in Mark 11, 15-18).

I would love to go into the history of the Anglo-American-Jewish financial cabal for Cameron, and in particular their financial domination of the world through the commercial British Empire, and its successor in 1945, the US and its commercial empire, but I fear for brevity s sake, I will have to leave it for another day; Cameron should at least ponder why ober-neocon Paul Wolfowitz moved from the Pentagon to the World Bank. Although many WAISers will express shock, in my view anglobalization is just a continuation of this cabalistic style of turbo capitalism, which now includes a cultural debasement factor identifiable in such lowbrow phrases for media consumption like the War on Terror * In fact, history shows that Americans have always used this dumbing down tactic to place its enemies under a politically correct, semi-Judaic ban, and divide the world into a lethal good guys us, bad guys them cleavage. Examples of US bogeymen are numerous and include, Mexican banditry, Nazism, Fascism, and finally Communism, which was briefly supplanted by the Colombian narco-mafia after the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Today Islamic fundamentalist menace, and antisemitism top the menu of the totally unacceptable that emanates from the US.

Consequently, for me, and a few others, the enforced export of anglobalized democracy has nothing at all to do with real democracy, and like Italian philosopher Costanzo Preve, (it might surprise WAISers that he is on the left) I am convinced that the Western world s democracies are nothing other than plutocracies or oligarchies that hold regular, orchestrated plebiscites.

In this context, antisemitism and Holocaust denial are just tools to enforce the ruling cabal s hold on political, and financial power: it is a convenient club to silence the unruly who might identify the hidden powers that really pull the strings; as Disraeli said, The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. Lord Beaconsfield knew what he was talking about. For example, it shouldn t come as a surprise that Jewish organizations strongly lobbied against a bill in the US congress that would have condemned the Armenian genocide of 1915; Turkey s major backer for EU membership is the US, and certain parts of the German political spectrum no conspiracy? Just coordination?

If we are objective, antisemitism has been nourished over the past decades by the arrogant refusal of Orthodox Jewry to engage in theological dialogue. For many Jews, all Christians still remain Antisemites. In Germany, Eugen Solf should to listen to reformed-over-night drug, and prostitution aficionado Michael Friedmann s television show if he has any doubts. An agent provocateur, Friedmann acts like the Jewish proconsul of Germany: yet in a phone in debate, one caller who said, since 1945, we Germans are not allowed to open our mouths, (ARD Presseschau, Dec. 18) was silenced.

In the Halakah, the name Essaw that was used for Rome is also applied to Christians. I wonder if Cameron knows that in the Talmud, it is written that Essaw resembles hazir or pigs (Koh leth Raaba, 1,1) Amalek, the eternal enemy is the worst descendant of Essaw; (Exodus, 17,16); this term is reserved for the Arabs.

*For the illegally detained German citizen Mohammed el Masri, the terrorists are in the US.

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