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Post Michigan Leads Nation in Percentage of Covid Cases
Created by John Eipper on 11/18/21 3:14 AM

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Michigan Leads Nation in Percentage of Covid Cases (Francisco Wong-Diaz, USA, 11/18/21 3:14 am)

John, I hope you are taking proper precautions!


JE comments:  Precautions?  We're already in our second year of face-to-face classes at Adrian College, so that's hard to do.  But this statistic reminds me to set up an appointment for a booster vaccine.

Second in the nation is Enrique Torner's home state (Minnesota), followed by New Mexico.  Unsurprisingly, 70-75% of the hospitalized Covid patients are unvaccinated.  This also reveals an even more alarming number:  up to 30% of the hospital admits are vaccinated.

I've heard anecdotally from three people that the booster is brutal, causing nausea and other flu-like symptoms.  Have any WAISers experienced similar effects?

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  • Germany Covid Update: Munich Christmas Market Cancelled (Patrick Mears, -Germany 11/18/21 6:19 AM)
    John, I will let you know tomorrow when I receive the Covid booster. Connie receives hers next month.

    I imagine that you have seen the news reports on Germany and its huge Covid problem now. The famous Christmas market in Munich is "kaputt." It appears that the market here in Heidelberg is still a go--but you must show your "Impfpass" to be admitted to the closed-off market. I am shocked that such a large percentage of Germans refuse to be vaccinated, and much of this resistance is "ideological," which is not the word that I would use to describe it.

    Germany is now considering new regulations to reduce the huge numbers of infected persons that we presently have. Here is what is being discussed: https://www.dw.com/en/covid-german-parliament-approves-new-laws-to-curb-the-pandemic/a-59852951 .

    Finally, son Eddie might not be able to travel here as planned on Christmas Eve. Because of the skyrocketing numbers here, he probably will not want to run the risk of being barred from reentry into Japan after his visit, especially after he went through a similar, long period in Singapore, during which Japan refused to admit resident aliens temporarily in Singapore back into Japan. As is said here in Germany, Japan could very well consider Germany as a "Risikogebiet" and Eddie could be stuck here for a long time.

    JE comments: How long, Lord? It won't be long before the pandemic reaches its second anniversary. We have also decided against international travel for Christmas, for exactly the same reason Edward Mears cites: fear of getting stranded.  I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for South America (Bolivia and Chile) in the spring.

    Click on the article above.  The photo of a discarded mask on Bundestag lawn is a profound commentary on our times.

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  • Covid Booster? Piece of Cake (Michael Sullivan, USA 11/18/21 11:10 AM)
    John E mentioned several of his acquaintances who suffered severe side effects from the Covid booster shot. Not true for me! I had zero effects from my Moderna booster and didn't even have a sore arm where the needle went in. On my first two Moderna shots I had zero after effects, and I was told the booster is less potent.

    I think I have a pretty healthy immune system, as all during 2020 and 2021 at the height of the COVID spread in the US we went out to dinner 3-5 times a week (Nicole has Alzheimer's and she needs to be around people to keep her from being tough to manage). We almost certainly were exposed but we never got anything.

    I owe my healthy immune system to the fact the Marines sent me for 35 years to places around the world where they couldn't spell hygiene and I ate, slept, and socialized with the locals. Plus I still drink a gallon of milk a week and eat lots of dairy products. I think there is a lot to the folks that claim natural immunity works against COVID but I took the shots as I could see no ill effects from doing so.  If it offers protection, then fine!

    JE comments:  No one is tougher than a Marine!  Michael Sullivan is one of several WAISers who wrote to reassure us that the booster shot is no harsher than the original round.  So as soon as I post this, I'm going to sign up for mine.

    Stay safe, Michael, and best to Nicole.

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  • Covid Booster? Piece of Cake, Part II (from Ric Mauricio) (John Eipper, USA 11/19/21 2:29 AM)
    Ric Mauricio writes:

    I got my Pfizer booster several weeks ago. No sore arm. Very slight headache, which actually could have been caused by too much computer screen.

    This protocol reminds me of my prostate cancer treatment. Five and a half weeks of radiation. I had them pipe in Motown during the treatment. I had asked the doctor if it was OK to go work out at the gym afterwards. He told me that I will feel fatigued, so I may not feel like working out. The weights actually felt lighter, so I kept increasing the weights. Second week, still no fatigue. Raised the weights. In fact, I felt no fatigue during the whole 5 1/2 weeks. He told me that my PSA should be down from 11.0 to around 5.0. The first measurement after the treatment measured 3.0. Awesome. It worked. But subsequent PSA measurements decreased to 0.5, then 0.3, and now ND, non discernible. My doctor had a meeting with the other doctors to figure out how this was possible that I had no fatigue and such success.

    My younger personal trainer client (late 30s) had severe side effects from all his Covid shots. It seems that the older one is, the less side effects. Although someone came up with the theory that the more healthy you are, the greater the side effects. Hopefully that theory is bunk.

    Talking about Motown, I just saw an episode of This Old House, where they visited homes in Detroit where some of our greatest Motown greats lived, as well as the original Motown headquarters. Would love to do that tour.

    JE comments:  Ric, I'd be delighted to guide your tour.  The Motown HQ is unimpressive from the outside (just two small houses), but jam-packed with history.  As for finding the homes of the Motown legends, I'd have to do some research.

    Here's my theory on why you pummeled cancer into submission:  the trademark Mauricio positive attitude!

    Not all WAISers were "unmoved" by the Covid booster.  Next, David Duggan.

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  • My Covid Vaccine was Worse than Covid (David Duggan, USA 11/19/21 2:41 AM)
    I had the Johnson & Johnson booster (which is actually the same composition and dosage as the original) and have felt miserable for the 10 days since. Last night was the first since the injection I did not use Nyquil to get to sleep with coughs and aches not otherwise explained.

    The original shot's effects were worse than the disease which I had an early case of (March 2020). The disease put me out for a few days (I transmitted it to no one); and after the original shot I was out for maybe a week. People ask me why, given my immune system (I'm still CMV negative at 70; most have sero-converted in their 20s) I even had the vaccine, let alone the booster. My response is that it's better to be safe, given the variants. Now I wonder.

    I attribute my hearty immune system to having inoculated myself with spiritus fermenti at Dartmouth.

    JE comments: One does learn a thing or two at Dartmouth!  Must be something about that Granite in the Brain.

    Inspired by yesterday's WAIS discussion, I spent an hour at the laptop, trying to line up a booster.  Nothing available nearby, so I'll probably wait until after Thanksgiving.

    So far, David Duggan is the only WAISer to get knocked down by the booster.  I also received reports from Henry Levin, Tor Guimaraes, Francisco Wong-Díaz, and Michael Frank, all of whom felt no ill effects.

    Hope you feel better today, David.

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