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Post The Wink of God; from Gary Moore
Created by John Eipper on 01/19/20 9:15 AM

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The Wink of God; from Gary Moore (John Eipper, USA, 01/19/20 9:15 am)

Gary Moore writes:

On Pat Mears’ synchronicity comments (January 18): I think I prefer "eerie coincidence" to Jung's term "meaningful coincidence" to label these experiences of convergence, for the simple reason that when they happen to me, often they seem incoherently un-meaningful--that is, seeming to convey no deeper message or omen. They've been called "the wink of God"--startlingly appearing to be saying something, but giving scant indication as to what, as if providence were toying with us. It seems likely that our own minds are what is doing the toying, but in ways deeper and less understood than mere imagining or over-interpretation of chance events.

Pat's remarkable post collating his family genealogy with such experiences--and with star moments in baseball--point up what might be called some rules of the game. These, once spelled out, might also mollify some of the skeptics out there who might dismiss Pat's examples as subjective over-interpretation. Nestled out of sight in these Aha! Moments is the centrality of the observer. There are not just two events pairing up, but three, with the interpreter's mind in the middle being the third one. The other two, forming the perceived coincidence, are "coincidental" not just with each other but with the central eye, which sees how irrationally similar they seem.

I think synchronicity may be an uncharted glimpse of the subjectivity not just in human experience, but in material existence itself. If that sentence makes little sense, consider that it's forced to stretch across an abyss where not only linguistic but conceptual tools are lacking.

And Rule Two might have to do with the observer again: the coincidences may be most noticed by minds extraordinarily inclined to analysis--and specifically to analogy (Carl Jung?). In a crucible of incalculably many observations flooding into a primed brain, with analogy's natural tendency toward cataloging receiving a supercharge, the intensity of the pairings can become unavoidable--in a way that is doubly difficult to explain to hearers not seated in that one central observation post.

And Rule Three: to explain how the convergences are undeniable--not just perceived but materially there--the hapless observer often must elaborately explain a larger web of personal circumstances, which are providing emotional intensity to the pairing process precisely because they may involve sensitive or even compromising personal information (Pat's coining of "Child Y" elegantly bridges). Lots of incentive not to be as honest as Pat was, which incentive helps to leave discourse in general with too few case studies to point up an unexplored realm.

So as I, too, attempt here to bridge what can't be directly articulated, we come full circle--back to the Wink of God, and that hidden message issue. Can these coincidence moments--far different from the mere neurology of déjà vu--indeed bring us messages after all, from a Vast Beyond which. in ways we're not equipped to articulate, is also the Vast Within? Could it be that not just imagination but experienced concretes are being bent to a mission of deeply obscure messaging, which might cause a wink or two even in Jung? Or even Freud?

JE comments: WAIS has been struggling with a Vast Beyond all morning--some malefactor hit us (again!) with a "denial of service" attack. This has been happening with alarming regularity. As I've asked several curious colleagues off-Forum, why would someone want to shut down our beloved WAIS? Who, pray tell, is such an enemy of Peace, Light, and Truth?

The question remains unanswered, but I will take my hat off to IT guru Roman Zhovtulya, who is available almost 24/7 to turn the spigot back on.

Returning to Gary Moore. Perhaps there's nothing more to this "synchronicity" thing than the human need to find analogies everywhere. I can even imagine a Darwinian advantage for the analogically gifted.

Or possibly the Ancients had it right: It's a playful God...

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  • Jung, Pauli, Radin: Synchronicity Theorized (Nicholas Ruiz III, USA 01/20/20 4:12 AM)
    Greetings to all!

    In response to Gary Moore on synchronicity (January 19th), has the Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli nexus been discussed on WAIS in this context? Or Dean Radin's work?

    Such work seems no more or less respectable or plausible than astronomical research regarding dark matter, dark energy and multiple universes, no? Perhaps methods of significantly applicable technological experimentation are simply not yet reliably sensitive enough to adequately research these types of phenomena in a satisfyingly scientific way.

    JE comments: So nice to hear from our colleague in Florida, Nicholas Ruiz III, also known as WAISdom's in-house virtuoso of critical theory.  Nick, your "teaser" post demands a followup.  Could you send us a primer on the Jung-Pauli-Radin connection?  Please try to keep it at the undergraduate level of depth.

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