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Post Six to Go! "Bienvenido" to Bienvenido Macario
Created by John Eipper on 12/02/19 4:00 AM

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Six to Go! "Bienvenido" to Bienvenido Macario (John Eipper, USA, 12/02/19 4:00 am)

A WAIS-sized thank you to our veteran colleague Bienvenido (Ned) Macario, the latest addition to the 2019 Honor Roll.

Bienvenido is the second WAISer I met in person, at the 2001 Stanford conference.  (The first was the late Steve Torok.)  Bienvenido and I were fellow guests at the "Mars" dormitory (more like a large house) on campus.  Since that time, he has never missed a WAIS event, often accompanied by one or both of his sons, Gabe and Drake.  A native of Las Pinas, Philippines, Bienvenido has taught us a great deal about the history of his homeland and its unique connection to the United States.  He has long argued for a greater recognition of his compatriots' sacrifices and contributions to the Allied victory of World War II.  His father served in the US Navy and was made a POW at Corregidor in May, 1942:


Bienvenido has been rather silent on WAIS in recent months, but his greeting and contribution to our "Care and Feeding" fund is one more proof of his well-earned status as a WAISer Extraordinaire.

Please join him on the 2019 Honor Roll!  We have six donors to go before the end of WAIS Wednesday (December 4th).  Will we meet our goal?  It's up to you.

You all know the routine:

1.  Via check (payable to WAIS), John Eipper, Goldsmith Hall, Adrian College, Adrian MI 49221 USA

2.  Via PayPal, donate@waisworld.org

I'll close with Drake Macario's excellent doodles from the Ronald Hilton Centennial (2011) conference in Torquay, England.  Depicted, top row:  Cameron Sawyer (WAIS Chair), Charles Ridley (RIP), and IT Director Roman Zhovtulya.  Bottom row:  Yours Truly (the hair, yikes!), Jordi Molins, and Harry Papasotiriou.  

Bienvenido, didn't Drake go on to study art at the university?  Please give us an update on him and his brother!

Six WAISers: portraits by Drake Macario, 2011

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  • One Day and Three Donors Remaining: In Praise of Edward Jajko and Gary Moore (John Eipper, USA 12/03/19 3:53 AM)
    Yesterday, thanks to donations from Ed Jajko and Gary Moore (plus one WAISer who asked to remain anonymous), we climbed ever closer to our WAIS Wednesday goal. Just three new donors are needed by tomorrow! As our local NPR station phrases it, that means YOU and two others.

    How to sing the praises of Ed and Gary in a single post, beyond saying they're both extraordinary fellows? Ed's WAIS roots run deep, from the 1980s with Professor Hilton at the Hoover Institution. Gary came across WAIS from our public website in 2015, and has since become an indispensable voice on the Forum. Both WAISers are virtuosos at deconstructing shibboleths and stubbornly held beliefs.  Ed's philological skills know no rival, whether with classical Hebrew, Quranic and modern Arabic, or modern Polish.  (These are Ed's languages that immediately come to mind; there are certainly others.)  Gary's investigative work has exposed untruths hovering over some of the biggest human-rights tragedies in history--from Rosewood (Florida) in 1923, to Tlatelolco (Mexico) in 1968, to the Balkan wars of the 1990s through Mexico today.

    Both WAISers have not only observed history--like our founder Ronald Hilton, they've lived it.  Ed was studying in Egypt when the Six-Day War broke out, and Gary traveled repeatedly to some of the world's scariest conflict zones, including Nicaragua during the Contra war and Bosnia in the 1990s.

    Ed was interned by the Egyptians in '67...


    ..and Gary spent time as an involuntary "guest" of the Sandinistas:


    These Parallel Lives exercises are fun!  I could go on, but I trust I've made my point.  Ed Jajko and Gary Moore enrich our Forum and our lives.  And now they're on WAISworld's 2019 Honor Roll.

    Please join them:

    1.  Via PayPal:  donate@waisworld.org

    2.  Via analog mail (checks to WAIS):  c/o John Eipper, Goldsmith Hall, Adrian College, Adrian Michigan 49221 USA

    Shukraan, gracias, and thank you!


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    • It's WAIS Wednesday! Seeking Two Donors, and Praising Jordi Molins (John Eipper, USA 12/04/19 3:03 AM)
      Our dear colleague in Barcelona, Jordi Molins i Coronado, has rallied to the colors and sent a generous contribution for WAIS Wednesday. We are still two donors short of our goal--you (yes, YOU) and one other person. Think of it this way: you can reach 50% of our goal with just a few clicks!  Has is ever been so easy to do so much good?

      Don't wait!  WAIS Wednesday expires in seventeen hours. Details below. In the meantime, let's praise one of my oldest WAIS amics:

      Jordi Molins was welcomed to WAIS by Professor Hilton on Halloween day, 2005:


      A physicist by training, with an advanced degree in quantitative finance, Jordi studied in Belfast and Paris as well as Barcelona, and has worked in Frankfurt, Madrid, and London.  Should we think of him as an EU citizen par excellence?  His career has come full circle, and now he is back in Barcelona with his wife Anastasia and son Marc.  In recent years WAISers know Jordi as our most passionate defender of Catalonian independence.  His posts on the subject have often provoked pushback, but no one will deny that Jordi presents his views with logic, tactfulness, and solid arguments.

      I've spent time with Jordi on just two occasions, the 2009 conference at Stanford, and in 2011 in Torquay.  In '09, the ever-outspoken Aldona told Jordi he was too young to be a WAISer!  We're all ten years older now, but Jordi is still well below the median age of the membership...and he will certainly carry the WAIS torch into mid-century and beyond.

      There's a strong possibility that our next conference (fall 2020?) will be held in Mallorca.  (Details to follow.)  One rationale for the venue is to ensure Jordi's attendance.  Simply put, I've missed him.

      Of course you'll want to join Jordi on the 2019 Honor Roll.  Here's how:

      1.  via check (payable to WAIS), John Eipper, Goldsmith Hall, Adrian College, Adrian Michigan 49221 USA

      2.  via PayPal:  donate@waisworld.org

      A profound thanks to everyone who's donated so far.  Tomorrow I'll publish an updated list...with the two final spots filled in.  Pax et lux.

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      • WAIS Wednesday Wrap-Up: One More Donor, Pretty Please... (John Eipper, USA 12/05/19 8:53 AM)
        I'll start with the bad news: we came up one short of our WAIS Wednesday goal. (Was it you who didn't donate? Time for some self-reflection.) There's still hope however, as the Adrian College mailroom is famously slow and an additional check or two may show up by the end of the week.

        Even better: let's extend WAIS Wednesday by one day...WW + 1? Please zap a PayPal donation to donate@waisworld.org, and I won't have to admit defeat.

        Either way, I'll count our glass as 91% full, as ten new donors stepped up during WAIS Wednesday Week.

        Yesterday we honored Jordi Molins, and today I'll praise another friend and financial genius: Foster City's investment-and-tax guru, Ric Mauricio. Yesterday Ric sent his second WAIS contribution for 2019, proving once again that charitable giving not only makes you feel good, it's good economics.

        Ricardo Mauricio is San Francisco Bay Area native, a self-proclaimed hippie of the 1960s who like so many of his compatriots, re-embraced Capitalism and prospered.    His expertise is not limited to monetary health:  Ric is a fitness expert who owns and operates his own gym.  Sound of mind, sound of body, sound of pocketbook:  this is the Mauricio Creed.

        And as WAISers know, Ric tells a great story.  My favorite by far (though there are many), the time he cold-called and stood up to one of Silicon Valley's most intimidating characters:  Carly Fiorina.  Ric tells it best:


        You're a brave man and a fine chap, Ric!  Our next lunch is on me. 

        Thank you, and here is the updated 2019 Honor Roll.  I raise my 91%-full glass to you all:

        David W Pike

        Brian Blodgett

        Ric Mauricio

        John Eipper

        Roy Domenico

        Eugenio Battaglia

        Tor Guimaraes

        Orlo K Steele

        Patrick Mears

        Edward Mears

        John Hesley

        Martin Packard


        (another) Anonymous

        Edward Jajko

        Gary Moore

        Jordi Molins

        Michael Sullivan

        Henry Levin

        Bienvenido Macario

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        • WAIS Wednesday Goal Met! In Praise of Francisco Ramirez (John Eipper, USA 12/06/19 3:39 AM)

          Sound the trumpets!  We achieved our WAIS Wednesday goal just one day behind schedule, with a pledge from Board Member Francisco O. (Chiqui) Ramírez.  Chiqui:  You've come to the rescue, saved my face, prevented me from lunching on crow, etc.  On behalf of WAISers everywhere, I thank you.

          Is crow an ingredient in humble pie?  I'll leave this for lexicographers to decipher.  Some Googling revealed this etymological gem:  crows are carrion-eaters, which presumably means a foul-tasting fowl.  I've never put the hypothesis to the test.

          But this is Francisco Ramírez Day.  Chiqui is Professor of Education and Sociology at Stanford, which places him among the elite of WAISworld academics.  More importantly, he is a delightful person, generous with his time and talents.  At our 2015 Golden Anniversary conference, Chiqui was in attendance throughout.  Not only did he give an excellent presentation on the essence and tropes of "world-class" education, he enlivened our discussions during the entire two days.

          It would be daunting to reduce Chiqui's canon of WAIS posts to just a few highlights, but I would have to begin with his writings on growing up in Manila in the wake of WWII.

          Here's one example, from 2014:


          Or how about Chiqui's twin sporting passions, soccer and baseball?  Try this quickie for a sample:


          Of course, I shouldn't overlook his intellectually meatier postings on educational economics and achievement, gender and education, and the relationship between class and politics in America and elsewhere.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

          Finally, Chiqui's sense of humor is unparalleled.  One of my favorites is his response to our adoption of a shelter cat.  (We ended up choosing the bitey guy, by the way--Gustavo.)  Chiqui recalled a trip to South Africa, where he encountered more robust kitties:


          Chiqui, you honor and enrich WAIS in many ways:  Thank you!

          (Breaking news:  a snail-mail check just arrived from Richard Hancock.  Goal exceeded!  My tribute to Richard will appear tomorrow.) 

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          • The Crow Cure? From Gary Moore (John Eipper, USA 12/07/19 4:33 AM)

            Gary Moore writes:

            John E, after his WAIS-Wednesday/Thursday fundraising triumph,
            asked whether the eating of crow, so successfully avoided,
            might be a phrase for an avian ingredient in humble pie,
            sort of eye-of-newt-and-skin-of-toad-wise.

            This rang a bell
            in my decidedly strange belfry, recalling an oral history
            witness from 1920s backwoods Florida. She said a crow
            did duty when as a child whooping cough brought her
            near death, so her father went out on the railroad track
            in front of the house and shot a crow, then had the
            dying bird breathe into her croaking mouth (though
            she didn't know the phrases "sympathetic magic"
            or "like to like").

            "Did it work?" I said. "I got better,"
            she knowingly replied.

            JE comments:  No question about it:  it worked!  Or maybe it was a newt?  Here's one of the most memorable scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975):


            The best comedy ever?  It's definitely in the top five.

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        • Richard Hancock: WAIS Legend, Witness to History (John Eipper, USA 12/06/19 4:00 PM)

          Yesterday a donation check arrived from our beloved senior colleague Richard Hancock.  I can think of no other WAISer more deserving of carrying us over the WAIS Wednesday goal!

          You not only enrich our treasury, Richard:  You ARE a treasure!

          I hope Richard, who turns 94 in just over a month (January 19), won't mind me turning this Day of Infamy (December 7th) into My Hero Hancock Day.  There's definitely a connection:  As part of the 399th Medical Collecting Company, Richard was among the first US occupation forces to arrive in Japan after the surrender.  He tells the fascinating story here:


          Richard epitomizes the Greatest Generation's achievements, optimism, and, well, greatness:  He grew up in rural New Mexico in the waning days of the Wild West.  As a student at Stanford, he collaborated in Professor Hilton's ground-breaking project, the Hispanic American Report (the direct ancestor of WAIS).  Further, he was part of the inaugural group of Peace Corps volunteers in El Salvador (1962):


          Richard and his wife Nancy eventually settled in Norman, Oklahoma, where they still live.  He had a long and productive career with Oklahoma University's international programming.  He has traveled through every corner of Mexico since age 18, and is especially familiar with the state of Chihuahua, about which he authored or co-authored eight books.  I should add that Richard is also an accomplished painter, specializing in landscapes.

          WAISers know that nobody describes the Old West with greater flourish, but we also have benefited from Richard's expertise on a wide variety of topics: Central America, religion, education, world travel, and politics.  He has published over 500 posts on WAIS, and I must say that every one of them taught me something.

          Much health to you both, Richard and Nancy, and thanks.  I am honored to honor you.

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