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Post WAIS Welcomes Angela Keifer
Created by John Eipper on 05/14/19 9:20 AM

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WAIS Welcomes Angela Keifer (John Eipper, USA, 05/14/19 9:20 am)

I am pleased to introduce the newest citizen of WAISworld, Angela Keifer. Angela was nominated by our colleague Brian Blodgett, who knows her from their work together in US Army intelligence.

Angela brings a wealth of experience to WAIS discussions. First and foremost, I'd love to know more about her consultancy work--how do you inspire complex organizations to change their behavior? I'm also very happy to have a WAISer with first-hand knowledge of the UAE. And rugby? Cool, if a little too rough for me. I'm more partial to horseshoes. Finally, here's a "shout-out" to Besançon, one of my absolute favorite cities in Europe (I've been twice). The 17th-century, Vauban-designed Citadel is the most fascinating construction in France that no one has ever heard of.

Here's Angela's bio.

Angela Keifer is the Founder and CEO of Changeative, a social marketing and behavioral change consultancy that helps foundations, governments and businesses positively change their worlds by solving complex problems with them. Her past positions include consulting globally for female-owned businesses in Dubai, running multi-million-dollar international technology programs for Fidelity Investments and a 10-year stint running digital marketing programs for HP and Compaq. Prior to that, she was an intelligence analyst in the United States Army.

When not in the office, she can be found traipsing around the world with her family, sitting in the corner of a busy cafe, gathering precious social data on unsuspecting fellow coffee drinkers, reading the latest neuromarketing or behavioral economics book or on the side of a rugby pitch (where she sounds altogether very different from any of the other circumstances listed above). Truth be told, Angela has always loved to learn, travel, read and occasionally drinks far too much coffee. She has lived, worked and studied overseas for 9 years (8 years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and 1 year in Besançon, France). Angela is fluent in French and Spanish and speaks basic Arabic and German.

JE: Welcome, Angela!

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  • Greetings from a WAIS "Newbie" (Angela Keifer, USA 05/30/19 12:57 AM)
    Greetings to WAISers. When John E introduced me to the group, he asked some questions:

    "First and foremost, I'd love to know more about [Angela's] consultancy work--how do you inspire complex organizations to change their behavior? I'm also very happy to have a WAISer with first-hand knowledge of the UAE. And rugby? Cool, if a little too rough for me...Finally, here's a 'shout-out' to Besançon, one of my absolute favorite cities in Europe (I've been twice). The 17th-century, Vauban-designed Citadel is the most fascinating construction in France that no one has ever heard of."

    John asks the million-dollar question. Because most behavior is subconscious, the change process looks at everything from the cultural aspects (social norms) to the psychographics of the target audience. We break it down as simple as possible and define the steps forward using marketing, algorithms and analytics, and social and behavioral sciences. It is a challenge but an enjoyable, creative one.

    Regarding the UAE, I was in that country long enough for the Customs and Immigration lady to look sad when she read the visa cancellation notice and informed me that I would always be welcome back should I want to live in Dubai again. I took it as a good sign and graciously thanked her. The experience was very different from anything I have ever had, but it was very valuable and exciting. I will be happy to share my thoughts and/or answer any questions which pop up by members.

    Yes, avidly watching rugby has become a hobby of mine as my two boys have grown up with it and are quite keen on the sport. Alas, my hobby only extends to the sidelines, and I cannot even pretend to understand all of the rules! I am with John here; I bowed out gracefully when the women's team asked me to play, a wee bit too precious.

    Finally, isn't Besançon just a beautiful city? I agree it is underrated. To everyone's defense, there are so many beautiful sites to see throughout France that it would take years to make one's way through everything. The amount of history is simply astonishing. I am a self-proclaimed Francophile! Any other Francophiles?

    JE comments: Francophilia is a requirement for WAIShood, Angela! Although I'd broaden the concept to include "world-o-philia." International travel and experiencing cultures first-hand are our lifeblood.

    Angela, you'll be WAISdom's go-to person for questions on the UAE--one of the most cosmopolitan and least understood places on earth.  Is there any nation of greater contrasts?

    Speaking of exploring cultures, I should get off the computer and go out to see Warsaw. In an hour we'll hit the road for my mother-in-law's house in the wilds of Chruslanki Jozefowskie.  Q:  How do you say "Boondocks" in Polish?  A:  Chruslanki Jozefowskie.


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