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Post South Africa to Confiscate White Property Without Compensation
Created by John Eipper on 03/13/18 4:50 AM

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South Africa to Confiscate White Property Without Compensation (Timothy Ashby, South Africa, 03/13/18 4:50 am)

On February 27 the South African parliament overwhelmingly voted in favour of a motion that will begin the process of amending the country's Constitution to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation.

The motion was introduced by Julius Malema, leader of the radical Marxist opposition party the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), who in 2016 stated that he was "not calling for the slaughter of white people--at least for now." He and his followers are in a (nonetheless dangerous) minority. but I don't discount such sentiments when SA has a 53% youth unemployment rate and an official unemployment rate of around 28% (which is probably too low). The EFF has gained ground in the poor communities and I have long expected politicians like Malema to exploit the resentment and ignorance of the masses. This is a prime example of populism--which has reared (and is rearing) its ugly head across the world, Trump being the prime example. Obviously, the ruling ANC is moving to the far left to bolster its prospects in next year's elections.

Having spoken to numerous South African friends--white, black, "coloured" and Asian--I have no doubt that the government will carry out the confiscations and follow the sorry example of Zimbabwe in destroying the economy. Already, EFF thugs have occupied white-owned farms in Gauteng province, murdering and beating the occupants (including black workers to "teach them a lesson about cooperating with the criminals who stole our land").  Last year more than 70 white farmers were killed in 340 attacks, making farming more dangerous than being a police officer, according to the African News Agency.

While the amendment is targeting agricultural properties (which I have been informed will include iconic wine farms that are a major contributor to the SA economy), we suspect that it will eventually be extended to residences, especially second or holiday homes given the widespread housing crisis and envy of the "haves" by the "have nots." Having nearly lost our family's house in Grenada after the Communist Revolution of 1979 (the government had published a list in the official gazette of foreigners' properties to be confiscated just days before the very welcome US invasion of 1983), we are concerned about this happening in South Africa. Although some of our South African friends believe that the government will not allow the country to go down the Zimbabwe road to perdition, I do not have faith in the sagacity or pragmatism of politicians of any race.

In the UK, the Labour Party has announced that it is "studying" whether to confiscate houses and apartments that are not being lived in full-time and use them for public housing. Inevitably, Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister due to the utter shambles that characterizes the current Conservative government. In London, we are already seeing property values fall due to concerns about Brexit and a Labour government. My point in this regard is that politicians are more interested in power and feeding their egos than in what's best for their country and people.

Back to South Africa--we're preparing for the impending economic and social disaster there. We recently bought a house on Mallorca and plan to gradually spend more time on that delightful fragment of España. It is safe, friendly and relatively warm compared to the UK (and even SA during much of the year). We're not sure what we'll do with our house in SA longer term, but in the near term we've decided to rent it on a weekly or monthly basis, and we're in the process of selling our car there, and will ship our heirloom items--mainly pictures, some dating to Elizabethan times--back to the UK for safekeeping (I doubt that "Jez" Corbyn and his Marxist cronies will confiscate those).

JE comments:  Timothy Ashby has a gorgeous coastal house in South Africa (I've seen photos).  Are you planning to give up on Africa altogether, Tim?

The Economic Freedom Fighters sound like they are hell-bent on turning South Africa into the next Zimbabwe.  Tim, are the ZA elite in a full panic, or just sort of nervous?

Stay safe, Tim.

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  • Would a Corbyn Government Confiscate Properties? (John Heelan, UK 03/14/18 3:16 AM)
    Tim Ashby wrote on March 13th: "In the UK, the Labour Party has announced that it is 'studying' whether to confiscate houses and apartments that are not being lived in full-time and use them for public housing. Inevitably, Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister due to the utter shambles that characterizes the current Conservative government. In London, we are already seeing property values fall due to concerns about Brexit and a Labour government. My point in this regard is that politicians are more interested in power and feeding their egos than in what's best for their country and people."

    I tend to agree: This is true of most politicians, who appear to focus their attention on securing lucrative post-politics careers in the private sector by pimping their contacts, aided and abetted by the supposedly independent Westminster committee supervising such actions.

    However, I also fear that the mask is slipping from the Trotskyists of the Momentum action group to reveal their underlying Stalinist tendencies--e.g. rejecting democracy by deselecting parliamentary candidates who fail to commit to support Corbyn, as well as their successful bids using faux-democracy to determine Labour Party policies.

    By the way, property prices of the Isle of Wight have increased by 26.43%, over the last five years. Maybe it is the result of those Londoners looking for second homes in a good place to live? The net effect is that young Islanders find it almost impossible to take the first step on the property ladder, despite the (all but invisible) supply of "affordable homes" boasted by the Tory government.

    JE comments:  Perhaps this is the inspiration for Labour's "study" on confiscating unoccupied properties.  How many these are owned by Putin's cronies?  Remember Istvan Simon's suggestions for retaliation in the Skripal case.  Boris Volodarsky (next) has sent a response to Istvan.

    (Adrian remains delightfully affordable, John.  Tell the young Islanders to move here!  We have fresh air and plenty of water in the form of the area's lakes.)

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  • South Africa Property Confiscations: Will There Be White Pushback? (Edward Jajko, USA 03/14/18 4:57 AM)
    Given the murders of white farmers in South Africa (see Tim Ashby, 13 March), have other white farmers armed themselves to protect their lives and property?

    Do South African laws allow them to do so?

    JE comments: Yes, Tim: could you walk us through the gun laws in S Africa?

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  • Expulsions from Italian Africa post-WWII (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy 03/16/18 1:33 AM)
    I am very sorry for the problems which Timothy Ashby may face with his property in South Africa (13 March). Let us hope that nothing bad happens.

    However, does the fact that the new South Africa (after the Great Mandela) voted for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation come as a surprise? Unfortunately. after confiscation, expulsion may come next.

    A similar situation developed immediately after the end of WWII, when the Italians were thrown out of Africa under the benevolent eye of the victors.  See my post of 13 January 2017.

    Many Italians were living in Africa in 1939: 50,000 in Egypt, 96,500 in Tunisia (according the French census but 150,000 according the Italians), 16,000 in Morocco, 115,000 in Libya, and 166,000 in Italian East Africa. Practically all were kicked out, but to be honest the Negus Ailè Selasiè defended the Italians.

    Then the French people were also kicked out.  The nice fellow here was the great Leopold Senghor.

    Finally in South Africa we had the magnificent Nelson Mandela, who gave hope to all the world with his actions. Other than these three gentlemen, there has been a long list of corrupt and racist leaders.

    The Black Homeland Citizenship Act of 1970 was devised to protect the white British and Boer minorities. Theoretically the policy could have worked if the Homelands (Bantustans) had been drawn according to workable borders surrounding large and sufficiently united areas. In reality only Transkey was efficient and reached a kind of independence.  All the others were unacceptable Homelands of small isolated areas or leopard spots. See for instance Kwazulu, a real insult to the Zulu people, or even worse Bophuthatswana.

    By the way, the Homelands in South Africa were supposed to number 9 in all, besides the three mentioned above, there were Lebowa, Venda, Gazankulu, Swazi, Basotho Qwaqwa and Ciskei, together with other Homelands in South West Africa. How the plan was presented can be compared to the ridiculous idea of a Palestinian State by Israel.

    For sure, under the leadership of Julius Malema, South Africa will become a new Zimbabwe and eventually the black population will have to emigrate too. Do not worry, as the lousy Italian government, with the support of Bishop Bergoglio, has kept the borders open for whoever wanted to enter, even if in Italy there are no possibilities for housing or work (millions of Italians are already unemployed).

    JE comments: Not much optimism from Eugenio Battaglia, but I must air one curiosity: why do you refer to Pope Francis as "Bishop Bergoglio"? Wouldn't that be like calling Trump a real-estate huckster, or Mussolini a newspaperman?  (And Eugenio, is there truth to Francis's Wikipedia biography, which says his father emigrated from Italy to Argentina in 1929, to "escape" from Mussolini?)

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