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Post Old Testament, New Testament, and Jefferson
Created by John Eipper on 03/12/18 4:38 PM

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Old Testament, New Testament, and Jefferson (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 03/12/18 4:38 pm)

Ric Mauricio's positive attitude about life is commendable.  In Ric's post of March 8th, he invited Massoud Malek to be more positive about the Bible.  But how can one be positive about a book (Old Testament) which condones historical violence including genocide, proposes a god that is partial to some people, and is capricious and full of hate?  Is that positive and constructive?  That is not God, but man-made nonsense.

Ric mentioned "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, commonly referred to as the Jefferson Bible."  Ric also praised Jefferson, for calling the Apostle Paul the "first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus." Jefferson saw the clergy as a "mere contrivance to filch wealth and power to themselves," and that "in every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty."

Jefferson was a good man and a great writer, but morals was not his strong suit, judging by his treatment of his slaves. Also he was less than honorable in his dealing with Alexander Hamilton.  I confess that until recently I admired Jefferson more and Hamilton less, until I had a chance to study them a little deeper.  Now I respect Hamilton more and have been forced to agree with the venerable first President George Washington.

JE comments:  Jefferson was always portrayed as a benevolent master, although we've advanced far enough to recognize the oxymoron of benevolence and slaveholding.  Is Hamilton's star rising and Jefferson's sinking?  A hit Broadway show does wonders for the reputation.

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  • Ric Mauricio Reflects on Old Testament, Hamilton, Jefferson, Jackson (John Eipper, USA 03/15/18 7:21 AM)
    Ric Mauricio writes:

    In response to Tor Guimaraes (March 12th), my challenge to find more positives in the Bible, if one reads between the lines, was more geared towards the New Testament and even more so towards the teachings of Jesus.

    As for the Old Testament, well, I don't know. People hearing voices (supposedly God) and acting on them? The justification of slavery based on seeing their old, wrinkly father naked? In fact, in reading the Old Testament, I found myself quite frustrated by the backsliding of the Chosen people. How many days was Moses on the top of the mountain, that in that course of time, the Chosen people turned to worshipping the Golden Calf? Couldn't God have lasered the Ten Commandments in an hour or so? Of course, Christians shake their head that to this day, many of the Chosen people still refuse to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Which of course, makes Christians right and the Chosen people wrong. Oh, I get into so much trouble with my Christian friends with this discussion.

    Upon reading Clyde McMorrow's posting on March 13th, it is very clear that people just want to believe what they want to believe. How do you explain that if God wrote the book, why there are so many different interpretations of it, even amongst the different Protestant sects, not to mention the disparity between the Protestants and the Catholics? As an aside, I hope that Clyde remembers his Personal Fitness and Personal Management merit badges, both Eagle required. I used to teach both. I recall parents telling me that my Personal Fitness requirements (which matched the Boy Scout handbook) were too hard. I made a deal with them. If they participate in my Personal Fitness workshops, I will "soften" my requirements. I had no takers. It was obvious that the parents needed the Personal Fitness workshop more than their sons.

    Ah yes, the complexity of our Founding Fathers' personalities and lives. Well, yes, Thomas Jefferson did have an illicit affair with Sally Hemings and Alexander Hamilton did have an illicit affair with Maria Reynolds. Yes, both were very instrumental in laying down the foundation of our great country. Yes, Jefferson appealed to me in creating his Jefferson Bible. But alas, Hamilton does not appeal to me in creating the Bank of the United States, the forerunner of the Federal Reserve. You know, that institution that looks quasi-government, but is ruled and owned by the banks and brokerage firms and yet purports to look out for the citizens of the United States. Yes, the same one that supposedly protects the value of the US Dollar, but has allowed it to depreciate 96% in its lifespan.

    Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr after calling him "unworthy." Hmmm. Derision and name-calling seems to never end. Oh yes, perhaps you would put me in the same bucket as Andrew Jackson, who fought courageously against the establishment of the Federal Reserve, even after several assassination attempts. Another complicated fella, this Jackson. Quite the Indian-killer.

    JE comments:  Ric Mauricio cannot possibly identify with Andrew Jackson.  One of history's countless ironies, given AJ's hatred of central banks, is putting him on the $20 bill.  He did have really good hair, though.

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    • Thoughts on Hamilton, The Fed (Tor Guimaraes, USA 03/18/18 4:31 AM)
      I know that Ric Mauricio's (15 March) and my positions on many issues would not be too far apart.

      To continue our exchange, what impresses me the most about Alexander Hamilton is that George Washington (who was his boss for some time) had complete confidence in the man and stuck his neck out for him on numerous occasions. I also have little respect for the Fed's overall performance over the years, but Hamilton's original idea was a good one. The problem is who is in charge ranges from great performers like Paul Volcker to idiots and/or crooks like Paulson and Alan Greenspan.

      The only group I respect less than the Fed is the US Congress as a whole. I see them as the two biggest houses of prostitution in America. Here is an example why: A bill (2155) designed to destroy what little control the American nation has over the protecting consumers and the ability to monitor big banks to prevent another financial crisis we barely just survived has passes the Senate 67 to 31, with all Republicans and 16 Democrats voting in favor. While still traveling to the House of Representatives where it is sure to pass, the Financial Service Committee Chair Jeb Hensarling has already repeatedly stated he wants even more financial industry deregulation before accepting the bill.

      God please protect America from another financial crisis.

      JE comments:  Returning to the banking deregulations of yore sounds like the recovering alcoholic insisting that "one little drink" won't hurt.  Who in WAISworld can write up a primer on what's set to change, and why?

      Paul Volcker gave us 20% interest rates and double-digit unemployment.  Tor:  why do you see him as a good performer--because his shock therapy reined in inflation?

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