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Post Re: IRAN: Role of British ( Iran)
Created by John Eipper on 01/31/06 9:29 AM - re-iran-husgin-namazy-iran

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Re: IRAN: Role of British ( Iran) (John Eipper, USA, 01/31/06 9:29 am)

Nushin Namazi writes: In response to John Heelan, I have included a website where he can purchase the book in Persian

http ://www.iranbooks.net/si/381.html

A review of the book is on the following website:



Below is another source that describes the British role in Islamic Revolution.


Professor Norman D. Livergood,(who has an impressive educational background -Ph.D., Yale University, 1961, Philosophy, Ph.D., Union Institute, 1989, Artificial Intelligence, .......) in the following URL http://www.hermes-press.com/impintro1.htm states:

"In 1979, the Standard Oil-backed Shah of Iran was thrown out by a British-backed coup and the long-time British asset, Ayatollah Khomeni, put into power. ..... When the new British-controlled regime in Iran came into power." This statement by Livergood clearly states that the so called Islamic Revolution was clearly a complex hidden coup by British intelligence with ordinary Iranian people participating to achieve political freedom. Therefore the British government is completely responsible for the actions of Khomeni's terrorist regime during the last 25 years. We the people of Iran have every rights to go to any International Court against Britain for crimes against humanity. Iranians and freedom loving Americans should be concerned regarding British forces activity in Iraq and their possible dirty Islamic clerical plots against Iranian freedom movement and the US. As long as Islamic regime in Iran is in power and there is any British influence in the Middle East it is hard to imagine any road map to peace and prosperity. If You Are a World Peace Activist and Against Islamic British Clerical Mafia Terrorist Regime in Iran you should consider to boycott all British products . The following British Clerical criminal records in past 24 years in Iran are as follows:

* Torture of all political prisoners.
* Over 120,000 of political prisoners execution.
* Rape and execution of young girls in prison.
* Executions in public.
* The stoning of women.
* Cutting hands as a barbaric punishment for stealing a bag of rice while Clerics in Iran stealing by billions with the help of British, French and Swiss bankers.
* War, destruction of Iranian cities and over 1,000,000 victims.
* Killing 3 former Iran's Prime Ministers, many former Iranian Generals and ministers.
* The theft of billions of dollars by Rafsanjani , SS Clergymen and their terror Mafia gangs.
* Forcing Islamic dress code for women.
* Forcing their religion to the Iranian by violence.
* Loss of all social freedoms and invaded all privacy.
* A massive exodus of Iranian refugees throughout the world.
* The hostage crisis, and the demise of a 200 years old friendship between Iran and US.
* Supporting International Terrorism.
* Creating bad image for Freedom and Peace Loving Iranian.
* Over 200 years of British planning, plotting and conspiracy against freedom of Iran and prosperity.

Due to the fact that Britain was biggest hidden supporter of the Islamic Clerical Mafia Terrorist Regime and Britain was in charge of 1979 Coup in Iran therefore by peaceful actions of Boycotting All British Products, Services anywhere, Avoid New Contracts, don't travel by any British based Airlines and don't travel to Britain for vacation help to increase public awareness and educate others regarding why they should consider boycotting British products to add maximum pressure from British companies to British government to give up evil conspiracy against free Iran and Iranians . Past 300 years history has shown that the Britain is against free prosperous Iran for exploiting Iran's resources therefore all groups must become united against Britain and Islamic clerics in Iran. It is not difficult for any G8 country to interfere in any developing country with many weaknesses and have a destructive negative role . This is not an Art of politics, this is a shame for British government with such a destructive negative activity in Iran that is why they try to keep all contracts and documents secret in the name of their national interest.

Below is a review of Masud Ansari's Book: 67 Massacre.

The Second Invasion of Islam was by Khomeni along with British blessing with the goal to plunder Iran's resources. Khomeni and his team of SS Clergymen (Khameni, Rafsanjani, Khatami ....) succeeded with the slogan of freedom, liberty and free oil for all, in deceiving the masses with the help of BBC Farsi. Khomeni's profile (described in detail by Dr. Masud Ansari's Book: 67 Massacre) is very similar to that of Saddam Hussein. Khomeni, the most deceitful British agent would never have been able to deceive the Iranian people without the help and blessing of the compleitish (??) and French advisors, as well as their secret services
and they are equally responsible for Iran's disaster a result of this second invasion by fanatic Islam, over the last two decades, Iran has suffered over 1 million war casualties, the destruction of many cities, thousands of political executions and prisoners, the rape and execution of young girls in prison, the stoning of women, the loss of social freedoms, the theft of billions of dollars by Rafsanjani , SS Clergymen and his terror Mafia gangs, a massive exodus of Iranian refugees throughout the world, the hostage crisis, and the demise of a 200 year old friendship between Iran and US, reducing Iran's status from most advanced developing country with countless contributions to world history not to mention founding the first declaration of human rights, to the ugly International Islamic Terrorist Mafia Support Headquarters! Today, Iranians throughout the world are making their voices heard, from every corner of Iran and from every countries abroad, the Iranian people are telling the world they no longer need Islam and the Mullahs.

The repressive Mafia clerical dictatorship regime in Iran is based on Animal Farm by George Orwell. "We pigs (Islamic Clerical Mafia regime in Iran and their supporters Britain, France, German governments) are brainworkers. The whole management and organization of the farm depend on us. Day and night, we are watching over your welfare. It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples." While this swinish brotherhood sells out the revolution, cynically editing the Seven Commandments to excuse their violence and greed, everyone once again left hungry and exhausted, no better off than in the days when humans ran the farm. "

99% of Iranian people are sick and tired of Islamic Mafia regime interfering with every aspect of their life both inside and outside their home and defining their political system. The people of Iran are saying Goodbye to Islam as a system of government, Goodbye to Terror Mafia, Goodbye to Thieves, Goodbye to Hate, Goodbye to the Mullahs of Arabia occupation, Goodbye to Traitors, Goodbye to Enemies of Peace and Harmony among all Civilizations, Goodbye to the British Secret Service Exploitation Machine who are the greatest enemies of developing countries with a recorded 300 years of plotting, plundering and political terror against Iranian freedom lovers and others. British people and their politicians are in the position to force British government and secret societies to open all these files for public education, historian review, British courts and stop such evil acts in future by their government officials and secret societies in the name of their National Interest. This can not happen unless the British public awareness increases. The honorable and British people should ask the following questions: Is Prince Diana murdered or it was just an accident? Who killed her? What did she know and what was she doing that it was very dangerous to the part of corrupt British establishment ? Did Princess Diana campaign to stop Landmine were creating problem for British Royal family? What did she know about British Royal family connections to Landmine factories in Britain? Did she step on Royal family Landmines? Was she becoming too powerful people's person? Peop񥠡re not aware of what is happening against their wishes behind the secret close doors by small groups of people in the name of British National Interest. There is no honor to support Islamic Mafia against Iranian people. The honorable British people should ask the following questions from Tony Blair: What are the hidden relations between British government and Islamic Clerical Mafia Regime in Iran and fire Jack Straw? The following URL is showing how Iranian oppositions to the Mafia Islamic regime is treated by EU countries Iran refugee in London sews face in protest "Shouldn't a human being have a square foot of earth to live on and to live in peace? That is what I came here for," Amini told BBC Radio, speaking through an interpreter.

In recent years, with aspirations of pure financial gain, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Russia, China and Japan have supported and helped Islamic Mafia against the Iranian people struggling for liberation and should therefore share the responsibilities for the reprehensible suppression and destruction of Iran. The EU's so-called containment policy was nothing more than a delay tactic and diversion policy, which worked to prolong the life of the Islamic regime and make the Iranian people poorer. This example clearly illustrates the stark hypocrisy of the EU Governments, which their Italian political Machiavelli philosopher might approve of in principle. Therefore, we Iranians should not be deceived by the words of EU politicians, and in response to their actions and continuation of their support for Islamic regime, we must prepare to mount increasingly more pressure against these countries and their companies. The hidden and corrupt financial transactions between EU countries and a corrupt clerical regime, which entails the transfer of Iran's wealth to UK, Swiss and French bank accounts are their true hidden agenda and are Illegal. The followers of Cyrus the Great (125 Million Persian Speaking nations,Persians, Kurds, Azaris,Afghans, Persian Jews, Bahai, 3 million Persian and Jewish US citizen and Majority of moderate Israelis ) everywhere might consider boycotting EU companies and Airlines which are supporting Islamic Mafia invader in Iran. Iranians deem the current regime as illegitimate with over many 1000s executions and many 1000s political prisoners and cutting hands for stealing bag of rice while Islamic Mafia stealing by billions. Iranians also label BP contracts or any contracts made by any governments with the Islamic Mafia Regime as illegal, invalid, and prosecutable in the International Courts as a Crime Against Humanity. Currently Iran is considered under occupation by Evil forces of Islamic Mafia Gangs and by no means representative of the Iranian people and the world peace can not be achieved without Mafia regime change in Iran by new generation of Iranian youth.

RH: This is all pretty incoherent, even though I have cleaned it up somewhat. It does not jibe with what I have read about Iran in reliable sources. It sounds as though it was copied from some very partisan source. To bring in Cyrus the Great is irrelevant to the present situation. To sum up the statement:all the villainous European powers are conniving with the mullahs' regime.The only hope lies in the US. What is the US to do? Invade Iran? I hesitated to post this, but do so to show that Iranian political passions run high, as we already knew from the incendiary speeches of the new Iranian president. Ib these circumstances, the West must exercise extreme caution. The Middle East seems to have gone mad.

Plan to attend the WAIS conference on "Critical World Issues " at Stanford July 31-August 1, 2006. It will be a rare opportunity to meet other WAISers. Tell interested friends.

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