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Post re: WAIS: on Iran- and America-Bashing (Joe Listo, Brazil)
Created by John Eipper on 04/26/09 7:05 AM - re-wais-on-iran-and-america-bashing-joe-listo-brazil-2

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re: WAIS: on Iran- and America-Bashing (Joe Listo, Brazil) (John Eipper, USA, 04/26/09 7:05 am)

Joe Listo responds to Alain de Benoist's post of 25 April: It is a pity my English is not good enough to make my points understood by WAISdom without having to repeat myself, to the despair of members in this Forum.  I apologize. Soraya's  criticism towards the US is okay, but what bothers me is that I never read a post in which  she praised America. I thought that after  Bush,  she would be pleased with the steps taken so far by Barack Obama, but here she comes again exposing harsh views against how the president handles foreign policy,  the military, the financial crisis, etc.   The "elegance" involved with being a guest in a foreign country is that politeness dictates that there is so much a guest can say under certain circumstances: if M. de Benoist were to invite me to spend some time in his France home (please feel free to do so) and at arrival I would find out that he lived under a bridge, in my opinion I would only have two choices: a) thank him and stay for the duration or, b) thank him and leave. It would be absolutely unfair of me to stay under the bridge and bash France, or Alain, because the French government failed to give him proper living quarters. This line of thinking will certainly be scorned by the great  scholars in WAIS, but Prof. Hilton once told me that the Forum needed some down-to-the-earth opinions as opposed to viewpoints right out of the history books.   Yes, M. de Benoist, I believe that if a person decides to move to another country that person has a duty to support that country's policies and contribute as much as he/she can to improve them. More, I truly believe that migrants should even volunteer to serve in the military if that country engages in wars against enemies of the state. They should make an extra effort to be equal or better than the nationals of the country they chose to live in. So, in my view, this is not blindness. It is allegiance.   Regarding the military ruling in Brazil (1964-1985), I was only sixteen when our military ousted the communists then in power. It was easy for me to live in this country at the time because I was a strong supporter of the military. Super-corrupt Janio Quadros and Marxist Jango Goulart were handing this country  to Russia and Mao's China on a silver platter. They amassed unbelievable personal fortunes while the people lived in slums. Brazil experienced incredible economic growth during the military regime (GDP grew at a steady 10% p.a) and never the country was so peaceful. If not for a bunch of terrorists that decided to take up arms  against an entire army (robbing banks and kidnapping people for ransom in the process), the democratic process would have been restored much sooner. Unfortunately, the same terrorists are today back in power: Dilma Roussef (Lula's  hopeful substitute) was  the mastermind behind the kidnapping of the American and German ambassadors, several bank robberies and killing of troops. By the way, thank you USA for backing up our military by deploying Navy ships along our coastline. We did not use them but it is always a comfort to have you around here.   I lived twice in the US, and enjoyed every minute spent there. The only complaint I have is that given I was a foreigner I could not join the US military. But blame that on me! However, being still an active professional, I have to go where  work is. When my retirement comes, I may be seeing an entirely different ball game. JE comments:   With this reply from Joe Listo, I'm going to bring the "America-bashing" thread to a halt for a few days.   Given the temperamental nature of the Gmail folks, who without warning limit the number of messages I can send, this is likely not even my decision... And please, Joe--no modesty needed regarding your English!   Beyond switching out a preposition or two, I never have to do anything to make your English prose sound like the writings of a highly educated native speaker. -- For information about the World Association of International Studies (WAIS), and its online publication, the World Affairs Report, read its homepage by simply double-clicking on: http://wais.stanford.edu/ John Eipper, Editor-in-Chief, Adrian College, MI 49221 USA

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