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Post Can Non-Christians Celebrate Christmas? From Ric Mauricio
Created by John Eipper on 12/30/17 7:13 AM

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Can Non-Christians Celebrate Christmas? From Ric Mauricio (John Eipper, USA, 12/30/17 7:13 am)

Ric Mauricio writes:

If there is but one god, why is it that god did not make everything clearer so that man would not disagree about their gods?

Scientifically, everything is made up of atoms. Atoms, with its protons, electrons, neutrons, etc. are the life force of the universe. It is what keeps all life beings alive, whether it be air, water, etc. When that life force transforms (from a living being to a non-living being), the atoms also transform into another state. Is this life force god? One can certainly define it as so. In which case, god is everywhere, yes even your microwave is a god. But should you worship this god? Of course not. I like to think that certain manifestations of this life force have a hierarchy.

So if that hierarchy includes yourself, then you should certainly take good care of your body. Ah yes, the Personal Trainer in me would say that. If that hierarchy includes your family, then it behooves you to support and protect your wife and children to the best of your ability. And if that hierarchy includes others, then respect others and do not be critical when dealing with them.

Which brings me to another question that was brought up this last week. Can non-Christians celebrate Christmas? If a person does not believe that Jesus was a deity, then would it be hypocrisy to celebrate his birthday anyway? This question brings up the issue that the religion surrounding this man called Jesus has obfuscated the message. My atheist friend said, "Jesus did not exist." This of course is contrary to the writings of non-Christian Roman historians. But my atheist friend is adhering to his religion of atheism.

But I digress. The message of Jesus was one of treating others with love and respect. But, oh my, that wouldn't do if you were a Crusader going after treasures in Judea. If you look closely at the teachings of Jesus, he was actually attempting to enlighten us. Oh, much like Siddhartha with his Buddhist teachings. By the way, Buddhists do not have a god, but it is funny that they will have these statues that have incense burning around them. I asked my Buddhist friend, "Isn't the belief that the Buddha is within you?" And not some fat-bellied being? Ah, he answered, "yes, you understand." One can also substitute the term "Holy Spirit" with "Buddha" or enlightenment.

So if the Muslims believe that Jesus is a great prophet and Buddhists believe he is an enlightened individual, then why not celebrate Christmas? The message should be the same: Love your neighbors.

Religion and science is but man's quest to understand the universe. What is not understandable is relegated to religion and what is supported by evidence is science. The problem is when those who believe in a certain belief are challenged by new scientific evidence contradicting that belief.

Science has yet to explain many phenomena, such as supernatural occurrences. We know they exist, but how and why? Supernatural is only the natural unexplained. In this case, religion is the fallback default.

JE comments:  December 25th is behind us, but I am still celebrating Ric Mauricio's Christmas gift to WAIS:  a donation to the Survival Fund!  Thank you, Ric--you are the latest to join the 2017 Honor Roll.

Another WAIS-size thanks to today's "lead-off batter," Paul Levine in Denmark, who sent a generous contribution to our PayPal account.  Sorry for the delay in acknowledgement, Paul, but PayPal is not accessible in Cuba.

Can we aim for two new donors before the end of 2017?  We have all weekend, and PayPal is the answer:  donate@waisworld.org.  I'll post the updated Honor Roll before the end of today.

Our mailing address:  WAIS, c/o John Eipper, Goldsmith Hall, Adrian College, Adrian Michigan 49221 USA.

Two people, beloved WAISers.  That means you...and one other person.

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