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Post Katyn Massacre in "Veterans Today"
Created by John Eipper on 03/17/17 3:22 PM

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Katyn Massacre in "Veterans Today" (Boris Volodarsky, Austria, 03/17/17 3:22 pm)

In reference to Eugenio Battaglia's post of 16 March regarding the Katyn massacre, I first of all want to praise JE for his sagacious comment and a well-balanced, measured judgement of the absolutely bizarre publication in Veterans Today--"journal for clandestine community' as they present themselves. To call it a yellow paper would be giving this sheet (pronounced "s-h-i-t") a disproportionately high mark.

I can probably write a PhD thesis on the Katyn story, but am not going to do it because we were taught during the first introductory lecture at the LSE that every academic work must contain something new. Alas, there is no news in this story besides the document, referred to by Eugenio, "in the National Archives of Washington, Serial 429, Section 421 Fremde Heere Ost. II H 3/70 Fr 6439568, dated 17 November 1941," which I shall ask him please to copy and post for us to see.

The VT piece, assessed by Eugenio as "interesting," consists of impudent borrowings from the professional and well-documented article by a CIA History Staff expert Ben Fischer, "Stalin's Killing Field," published in the classified CIA journal Studies in Intelligence (Winter 1999), 61-70, later a little-known paperback.  The rest of the piece is surrounded by sheer inventions.

Thus, Maurice Shainberg did indeed publish a book Breaking from the KGB: Warsaw Ghetto Fighter... Intelligence Officer... Defector to the West (New York/Jerusalem/Tel Aviv: Shapolsky Publishing of North America, 1986) but this is nothing but fiction, its author's imagination. Shainberg simply invented the whole story of his "life in the KGB"--mind you, in the Polish KGB in 1945 when the KGB simply did not exist (it was established in 1954). The fictional character "Colonel Zaitsev" also did not exist, and no diaries of any NKVD officer involved in the Katyn shootings have ever been found. The number of victims, as meticulously established based on documents, was 21,857. With this, the VT article correctly quotes some figures from Dr Fischer's above-mentioned publication (without any reference, of course), forgetting to say that recent historical research shows that 700-900 of the victims were Polish Jews. Ironically, the Germans knew this, and it complicated Göbbels' effort to portray the atrocity as a "Jewish-Bolshevik conspiracy"--a mainstay of the Nazi regime's anti-Semitic propaganda and a key argument in the VT article's claim that all evil in this world is the work of the "Khazarian mafia." This mafia is also something that only exists in the minds of VT editors and contributors. As one commentator has put is, we often suffer obsessive conspiracy theorists or (guffaw) "truth seekers" filling up the boards with fact-free claims, evidence-untroubled epilogues and vast reams of tedious cut 'n' paste, invariably regurgitated from some dubious Internet site that, like in the case of VT, they themselves create.

The "Khazarian mafia" is the same product of evil mindset as the so-called Jewish-Masonic conspiracy, a conspiracy theorist's contribution to the myth of the contubernio (as Paul Preston would probably say) of the Illuminati or another secret society that are secretly plotting your undoing at Masonic temples across the world.

The US authorities were well informed about the Katyn massacre. A headline in the May 1943 Newsweek article read, "Poles vs. Reds: Allied Unity Put to Test Over Officer Dead." Two US ranking officers were in Katyn in 1943 when Berlin held an international news conference there to publicize the atrocity. You can read in the CIA expert's article which is now accessible online that in 1944 President Roosevelt assigned his special emissary, Captain George Earle, to compile information on Katyn. Earle concluded that the Soviet Union was guilty. "FDR," Fischer writes, "rejected Earle's conclusion, saying that he was convinced of Nazi Germany's responsibility. The report was suppressed. When Earle requested permission to publish his findings, the President gave him a written order to desist. Earle--who had been a Roosevelt family friend--spent the rest of the war in American Samoa... Later, the Reagan and Bush administrations both released previously classified records bearing on Karyn." May I remind that Ben Fischer's article is almost twenty years old, while the standard scholarly work by the Polish-American historian Janusz Zawodny, Death in a Forest: The Story of the Katyn Forest Massacre, was first published in 1962?

As we all know, on 10 April 2010 a Soviet Tupolev-154 machine, the Polish Air Force One, crashed near the city of Smolensk, killing all passengers on board among whom were the President of Poland Lech Kaczyński and his wife, as well as other senior Polish Government officials and relatives of the Katyn victims. The group was planning to attend an event marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre, which took place not far from Smolensk.

Even this information must be corrected. For years historians assumed that the place of the massacre was the Katyn Forest. Post Cold-War revelations, however, suggest that the victims were shot in the basement of the NKVD office in Smolensk and in the slaughterhouse in the outskirts of the city although some may have indeed been executed at the site of the NKVD facility in the forest itself. In my book Stalin's Agent (OUP, 2015) I mention one of the NKVD officers who took part in the interrogations and shootings of the Polish captives. From October 1941 until 1944 Vasili Zarubin served as the NKVD head of station in Washington, DC.

JE comments:  Fascinating.  I will remember the new euphemism for conspiracy theorists:  "Truth Seekers."  Why not capitalize it?

I received a phone call several years ago from Gordon Duff, the editor of VT, regarding something that had appeared earlier in WAIS.  If I recall correctly, he lives just down the road in Toledo, Ohio.  I may hear from him again.

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