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  Posts on Nov 27, 2014
EU, NATO, and Sanctions against Russia (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 11/27/14 4:19 pm) My goodness, you are on the job even on Thanksgiving! [Never a day off from WAIS, Eugenio, but I did just manage to fit in a post-prandial nap--JE.] Other WAISers have correctly spoken ... more

Thanksgiving Greetings (Robert Gibbs, USA, 11/27/14 2:54 pm) I know that it is getting late, but I want to wish all WAISers the best of this Thanksgiving--and to remind us all to give thanks for our blessings and fortune. JE comments: Amen, Brother Bob! ... more

Carly Fiorina and Ross Perot (Randy Black, USA, 11/27/14 9:43 am) Per John Eipper's question as who among us might have met Carly Fiorina (see Ric Mauricio, 25 November), I've only had the opportunity to hear her speak on one occasion in about 2000 when ... more

Erdogan: Wily, Intelligent, or Other? (Paul Levine, Denmark, 11/27/14 8:19 am) Perhaps John Eipper is right about President Erdogan (25 November). But "wily" is not the same as intelligent. Indeed, it is possible to be wily and stupid at the same time, if you don& ... more

Update: The Diplomat`s Dilemma (Timothy Brown, USA, 11/27/14 5:37 am) I'm still dilemma-ed. (Is that a word?) A visa is not permission to enter the United States. It's permission to travel to a legal port of entry into the United States, where ... more

Thanksgiving Greetings; A WAIS Summit in Austin (John Heelan, UK, 11/27/14 4:13 am) A happy and safe Thanksgiving 2014 to all US WAISers! JE comments: Many thanks, Tocayo John!  From Europe, Eugenio Battaglia has also sent Thanksgiving wishes.  This year ... more

  Posts on Nov 26, 2014
Economic Stimulus: A Better Way? (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 11/26/14 7:31 pm) In my post of 23 November, I wrote strong criticism of the seemingly never-ending flow of nearly free money from the government to the big banks, supposedly to lend out to business and consumers. Thi ... more

Diplomat`s Dilemma (Bienvenido Macario, USA, 11/26/14 6:13 am) Happy Thanksgiving to WAISers! We have so much to be thankful for this year. If I were in Tim Brown's position, I would grant the elderly gentleman a visa since he has a son who has given a ... more

More on the Diplomat`s Dilemma (Timothy Brown, USA, 11/26/14 4:30 am) On the suggestions of Mr. Mauricio (25 November) and General Sullivan (Marine to Marine): First, about helping the applicant's son shop for a doctor willing to give a different diagnosis.... more

Thoughts on the Diplomat`s Dilemma (Richard Hancock, USA, 11/26/14 4:15 am) I wish to comment on Timothy Brown's post of November 25th. In 1970 or '71, I hosted a man named Echeverría from Colombia in the University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Educa ... more

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