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  Posts on Aug 28, 2014
"Let Allah Sort It Out" and Sarah Palin (Bienvenido Macario, USA, 08/28/14 3:49 am) On June 15, 2013, Sarah Palin was addressing the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington, DC when she made the "Let Allah Sort It Out" comment objecting to US intervention in Syria. The fo ... more

"Let Allah Sort It Out" and Sarah Palin (Randy Black, USA, 08/28/14 3:43 am) In John Heelan's 27 August post, he commented on Massoud Malek's mention of a June 2013 quote on Sarah Palin's Facebook page. Palin commented on the murders of Syrians by the Assad governm ... more

  Posts on Aug 27, 2014
Glass-Steagall, etc: Memories of a Wall Street Lawyer (David Duggan, USA, 08/27/14 12:11 pm) The WAIS discussion of Glass-Steagall brings to mind my career as a "Wall Street lawyer" in the early 1980s, when a good deal of the underpinnings of the New Deal securities reforms were bei ... more

"Let Allah Sort It Out": Arnaud Amalric (John Heelan, UK, 08/27/14 8:47 am) Massoud Malek (27 August) mentioned Sarah Palin's Facebook message titled "Let Allah sort it out." Yet another Freudian slip from a candidate for high political office in the United Sta ... more

Time to Hedge? (Jordi Molins, Spain, 08/27/14 6:35 am) The price of the stock market depends on: --Number of shares outstanding. --Price paid for a given share, given a dollar of earnings. --Earnings, which depends on EBITDA ... more

Time to Hedge? From Ric Mauricio (John Eipper, USA, 08/27/14 3:30 am) Ric Mauricio responds to Tor Guimaraes's post of 25 August: Ha ha ha. Tor has gotten me spot-on with his observation that I enjoy these discussions. I agree with Tor's point ... more

"Let Allah Sort It Out" (Massoud Malek, USA, 08/27/14 1:54 am) This is in response to Tor Guimaraes's post on the US involvement in Iraq and Syria (24 August). While the world was busy fighting in WWI, 1.5 million Armenians were killed in the declining ... more

US Policy in the Middle East; on the Divine Mandate (Francisco Ramirez, USA, 08/27/14 1:27 am) In response to Vincent Littrell (26 August), the Divine Mandate is too often invoked to justify killing the Bad Guys. The initial attack of Afghanistan would have taken place regardless of who was Pre ... more

  Posts on Aug 26, 2014
US Policy in the Middle East: Thoughts from the Baha`i Perspective (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 08/26/14 3:28 pm) With reference to Vincent Littrell's post of 26 August, I for sure have to agree with his quotation from Robert Gibbs: "you go to your Church and I shall go to mine, but we shall walk al ... more

Four Cheers for Three WAISers: Two Days, and One More to Go... (John Eipper, USA, 08/26/14 10:32 am) Four cheers to WAISers Martin Storey, Anthony Candil and Enrique Torner for responding to the appeal of August 21st.  Now we have seven new donors; if one more WAISer responds by the 28th (t ... more

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