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  Posts on Sep 1, 2014
Does the United States Have a "Magic Bullet"? Baha`u`llah`s Letters (Vincent Littrell, USA, 09/01/14 10:44 am) This is in response to A. J. Cave's thoughtful and well-written recent postings, in particular her essay of 30 August. The bottom line here is that I'm clarifying my previous post about ... more

Who`s to Blame for 2008 Crisis? (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 09/01/14 7:25 am) JE commented on my 31 August post: "I don't think Tor Guimaraes and I are that far apart. The blame for 2008 can easily be placed on a series of sectors, as Tor does above, but so fa ... more

Ike and German POWs in WWII (Randy Black, USA, 09/01/14 4:37 am) Eugenio Battaglia's lament about the status of German POWs at the hands of President Eisenhower and the United States, while intriguing, is not "the whole story." Nor is it an accu ... more

Brazil`s Upcoming Presidential Election; Surge of Marina Silva (David Fleischer, Brazil, 09/01/14 3:58 am) "The Wave that became a Tsunami in Brazil" This is an attempt to help WAISers understand the complications of Brazil's presidential election. At first, ... more

September 1st, 1939 (Paul Pitlick, USA, 09/01/14 3:42 am) We often mention anniversaries. Here's a big one: September 1st, 1939: Germany vs. Poland. JE comments: Seventy-five years ago today marked the start of World War II (in Europe, at least ... more

  Posts on Aug 31, 2014
Cathars, Sheridan, and Sarah Palin (Mike Bonnie, USA, 08/31/14 10:47 am) Regarding Sarah Palin's sarcastic remark, "Let Allah sort it out," she by no means has cornered the market on outrageous remarks. At best, she mimes derivation of words from Arnaud Amaur ... more

Bitcoin`s Shrem to Plead Guilty (Bienvenido Macario, USA, 08/31/14 5:07 am) May I ask Ric Mauricio to comment, if he is following this development? What happened? Bitcoin Foundation's Shrem Will Plead Guilty, Lawyer Says By Karen Gullo, August 3 ... more

Do Market Manipulators Exist? (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 08/31/14 4:34 am) In his editorial comment to my post of 28 August, JE wrote, "You need far more stomach to go short than long. Imagine taking the 'correction is imminent' position just a year ago, when th ... more

Sunni-Shi`a Divide; Response to John Heelan (A. J. Cave, USA, 08/31/14 4:07 am) To address John Heelan's questions (30 August), the big divide between the Sunni and Shi‘a Muslims has been over who is or was the legitimate ruler of Muslims, and whether that ruler is a se ... more

Ike`s "Military-Industrial Complex" Speech (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 08/31/14 3:38 am) With reference to the extremely good speech of President Eisenhower (but what US president has ever made a lousy speech?), I may say that it is rather well known, as all the adversaries of the ov ... more

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