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  Posts on Oct 19, 2014
A Neirotti-Quaglio-Eipper Brunch in Cambridge (John Eipper, USA, 10/19/14 12:17 pm) During this 20-hour whirlwind through Boston, I had the chance today to meet for the first time our colleague in Cambridge, Dr. Rodolfo Neirotti, and his wonderful wife María Teresa Quagli ... more

Remembering the Spanish Civil War--from the US (Martin Packard, USA, 10/19/14 11:55 am) It is worth looking at a bit of history to understand the never-ending brutality of mankind under various political systems. Barbara and I lived through the Spanish Civil War, but knew very little ab ... more

Rape and Pillage: Marshal Juin and the Moroccan Goumiers in Italy (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 10/19/14 5:21 am) When commenting on my post of 17 October, John E asked about the Wikipedia entry on Marshal Alphonse Juin. When Wikipedia states that Marshall Juin "took steps to curb the abuses" committed ... more

Memories of 4-H Club; Peace Corps in Brazil (David Fleischer, Brazil, 10/19/14 4:48 am) Richard Hancock's post about training 4-Hers as Peace Corps Volunteers (18 October) inspired me to report my own experiences. My family moved to upstate New York in late 1946 (when I was f ... more

  Posts on Oct 18, 2014
George W Bush Revisionism; a "Responsibility to Protect" (Vincent Littrell, USA, 10/18/14 12:07 pm) Paul Levine wrote on 18 October: "Regardless of the complicity of Democrats and shortcomings in Obama's policy, the Middle East catastrophe must be laid directly at George W. Bush's door. ... more

Brazil`s Nisei (Joe Listo, Brazil, 10/18/14 11:36 am) This morning (18 October), John E asked about Brazil's Japanese community. Currently, there are more Nisei than Nikkei in Brazil, and an amazing number of Sansei. Japanese descendents tend to be ... more

The Fearsome Reputation of the Moroccans (Robert Whealey, USA, 10/18/14 8:45 am) When commenting Eugenio Battaglia's post of 17 October, JE asked: "Is there any particular reason the Moroccans have such a fearsome reputation?" In 1904, Spain, Britain and Franc ... more

Empire-Building: Some Questions (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 10/18/14 7:56 am) I find this discussion about the intrepid Lawrence of Arabia (Mike Bonnie, 18 October) very interesting, and part of the even more fascinating topic of empire creation, maintenance, and decline. On t ... more

Outward Bound (John Heelan, UK, 10/18/14 5:29 am) Richard Hancock (18 October) mentioned the Outward Bound program, which covered "rock climbing, trekking and had a weekend in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge." One of the turning points ... more

George W Bush Revisionism (Paul Levine, Denmark, 10/18/14 5:16 am) I find it touching that there are still some trusting souls who try to "vindicate" Bush's disastrous policies in Iraq which cost so many lives and so much treasure. (See Randy Blac ... more

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