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  Posts on Jul 23, 2014
Two Airline Crises from the 1980s (Massoud Malek, USA, 07/23/14 2:10 pm) The downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine by Ukrainian rebels and/or Russia, evoked memories of other aviation disasters, namely, the shooting down of Korean Air Flight 007 by the Soviet ... more

Columbus: a Catalan? (Enrique Torner, USA, 07/23/14 2:50 am) These posts on Columbus reminded me that, when I was a graduate student at Indiana University, I met a Catalan student who was researching Columbus: Jordi Bilbeny. At that time, he had found out in ar ... more

Possible Responses in Ukraine? (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 07/23/14 2:21 am) In reference to my post 22 July, John E commented: "In rejecting Michael Sullivan's call for muscular response in Ukraine, is Eugenio Battaglia suggesting that the MH-17 incident be written o ... more

"For Decades to Come": Siberia 1812 and Vincennes Incident (Cameron Sawyer, Russia, 07/23/14 1:28 am) When commenting my post of 22 July, JE wrote: "But are we condemned to this tense dysfunctionality 'for decades to come'? With the possible exception of Lockerbie, commercial airline sh ... more

What Motivates Putin in Ukraine? (Richard Hancock, USA, 07/23/14 12:48 am) The Wall Street Journal of July 21 has an article by Gerald F. Sieb titled "Why Putin Is Willing to Take Big Risks in Ukraine." Mr. Sieb says that to understand this question it is ... more

Two Crises: MH-17 and Gaza (Miles Seeley, USA, 07/23/14 12:24 am) One of my liaison contacts in Jordan had a 91 year-old grandfather. He thought I would enjoy meeting him. The family had been prominent in Muslim mosques and societies in Spain, until they were expe ... more

  Posts on Jul 22, 2014
The Mood in Ukraine (Roman Zhovtulya, USA, 07/22/14 11:36 pm) I've been in Ukraine (Lutsk in the west, as well as Kiev) since June. Life goes as usual around here, but deep down everybody feels annoyed and betrayed (yet again) by Europe, the US and the so-c ... more

MH-17 Crisis and Aftermath (Cameron Sawyer, Russia, 07/22/14 8:54 am) Eugenio Battaglia wrote on 22 July: "It is very difficult to comment on the extremely strong and one-sided post from Michael Sullivan (21 July). Perhaps I may quote the philosopher Richard ... more

Possible UN Response in Ukraine? (John Heelan, UK, 07/22/14 3:02 am) As a followup to Eugenio Battaglia (22 July), perhaps, given the Security Council resolution yesterday. we should talk about a UN response rather than a US (and its proxy) NATO response? < ... more

Genoa, Columbus, and Italian Nationalism (Pietro Lorenzini, USA, 07/22/14 1:28 am) Recent comments about Genoa, France, Columbus and Italians got me to thinking about group identities. Much has been written about the development of nationalism and national identity in Italy. One of ... more

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