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  Posts on Nov 23, 2014
"A Business Model for Foreign Labor" (Timothy Brown, USA, 11/23/14 4:36 am) After giving it considerable thought some years ago, largely based on my experiences as a Consul, Consul General, and economic and political officer, I wrote and published the attached article in the ... more

"Hispanic," "Latino," and Other Thoughts on Race Categories; from Ric Mauricio (John Eipper, USA, 11/23/14 3:45 am) Ric Mauricio comments on Timothy Brown's latest post (22 November): This is why I dislike labels. I recall when I was the first non-Caucasian to work and ski at a national ski resort. People ... more

The Best Benefactor of the Arts: Peace (Cameron Sawyer, Russia, 11/23/14 3:29 am) It is important to remember saviors of art such as Anthony Clarke (see Eugenio Battaglia, 22 November), but just think of how much art would have been saved--not to speak of human life--if the war had ... more

  Posts on Nov 22, 2014
"Hispanic," "Latino," etc. (Timothy Brown, USA, 11/22/14 1:50 pm) My thought in response to Enrique Torner (22 November): Confusion reigns! My wife is Costa Rican; her complexion is whiter than that of many Spanish, French, Italian or "other" (the c ... more

Anthony Clarke: Benefactor of the Arts (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 11/22/14 12:04 pm) Sometime ago I wrote a post on a great benefactor of the arts (and of humanity), the German colonel Julius Schlegel, who saved the portable treasures of the Abbey of Montecassino. Now I would li ... more

Thoughts on Undocumented Immigrants (Leo Goldberger, USA, 11/22/14 11:03 am) I most heartily share John Eipper's sentiment about it being a "godsend" to hear from someone with Timothy Brown's informed and compassionate take (21 November) on the immigration is ... more

Charles Taylor and Firestone (Randy Black, USA, 11/22/14 4:17 am) In his 21 November post, Massoud Malek reprinted a script from a PBS broadcast that recently ran on Frontline, a respected PBS feature. The story seems to paint the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. ... more

"Hispanic," "Latino," etc. (Enrique Torner, USA, 11/22/14 3:51 am) I completely understand Rodolfo Neirotti's confusion regarding the term "Hispanic" (19 November), especially since his first language is Spanish. I remember when I first came to the US i ... more

  Posts on Nov 21, 2014
The US Dollar: Doomed or Immortal? (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 11/21/14 1:58 pm) Several interesting articles appeared on November 19th: Pepe Escobar wrote that Ukraine's reserves have been reduced to only 12.6 billion US dollars. It has to pay $3.1 billion to Gazprom. ... more

Thoughts on Undocumented Immigrants (Timothy Brown, USA, 11/21/14 1:08 pm) Illegal/undocumented/informal, whatever you want to call it, immigration has been a major national issue in the United States for the better part of a century. I doubt it will disappear from the domes ... more

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