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  Posts on Sep 2, 2014
Kissinger and Comprehensive Geopolitical Strategy (Francisco Wong-Diaz, USA, 09/02/14 1:24 pm) John E misses the point of Kissinger's argument. (See Richard Hancock, 2 September.) The K is calling for a new paradigm that goes beyond the traditional categories of internationalism and isolat ... more

Political Posters of the RSI: A Gallery, Part I (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 09/02/14 6:48 am) [JE:  Several weeks ago, Eugenio Battaglia sent me a series of photographs from his personal collection of political posters from the Repubblica Sociale Italiana, the so-called Sal&ograv ... more

on Repatriating POWs in Europe and Asia (Bienvenido Macario, USA, 09/02/14 5:19 am) Happy Labor Day! I believe Eugenio Battaglia raised the issue of the millions of former USSR citizens (particularly Ukrainians) who fought for Nazi Germany and were condemned to death, when as P ... more

Axis POWs in Wisconsin (Mike Bonnie, USA, 09/02/14 5:13 am) Randy Black (1 September) writes an interesting view of WWII prisoners of war in America. If he hasn't already read and is interested in further details, I suggest adding Stalag Wisconsin ... more

Poisoning the Shi`a Imams; on Narjis (Massoud Malek, USA, 09/02/14 3:50 am) After Imam Ali was killed, his son Hasan succeeded him, but after six months, Hasan was forced by Muawiya to relinquish his caliphate in his favor. Muawiyah wished to pass the caliphate to his o ... more

The US Role in World Leadership (Richard Hancock, USA, 09/02/14 3:23 am) I certainly agree with most of Vincent Littrell's post of August 26. The US is a Christian nation, and while I don't believe that we have a divine mandate to rule the world, we cannot afford ... more

  Posts on Sep 1, 2014
Ike`s "Military-Industrial Complex" Speech (David Duggan, USA, 09/01/14 6:00 pm) In dutiful obeisance to our Labor Day weekend WAIS homework assignment, I re-read Eisenhower's "military industrial complex" farewell to the nation, and I was struck by its prosaicness: ... more

Axis POWs in US (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 09/01/14 1:40 pm) All fine with Randy Black (1 September); he is saying in fact what I already reported about my father as a POW in the USA, of the nice camps for the collaborators and of the harsh camps for the non-co ... more

Bitcoin`s Shrem to Plead Guilty; from Ric Mauricio (John Eipper, USA, 09/01/14 11:45 am) Ric Mauricio sends this response to Bienvenido Macario's post of 31 August: Yes, I am following the story of Charlie Shrem. He is quite an interesting person, a close friend of Karpeles, the ... more

Does the United States Have a "Magic Bullet"? Baha`u`llah`s Letters (Vincent Littrell, USA, 09/01/14 10:44 am) This is in response to A. J. Cave's thoughtful and well-written recent postings, in particular her essay of 30 August. The bottom line here is that I'm clarifying my previous post about ... more

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