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  Posts on Sep 22, 2014
Was Catalonia Ever an Independent Kingdom or Country? (Jordi Molins, Spain, 09/22/14 2:32 am) Anthony J. Candil wrote on 21 September: "Neither Catalonia nor the Basque Country have ever been a kingdom or an independent country." The previous statement is not falsif ... more

Is the Catalonian Referendum Constitutional? (José Ignacio Soler, Venezuela, 09/22/14 1:49 am) A few comments on Anthony J Candil's post about Spain (21 September).  Anthony observed very accurately that the Catalan case is very different from Scottish one, but not only in the historic ... more

Turkish Hostages of IS are Freed (Yusuf Kanli, Turkey, 09/22/14 1:27 am) It's just a tale, one of the greatest tales. Probably it never ever happened in the real world, or perhaps worse: it might actually have happened.  Who knows? The tale was that once upon a ... more

  Posts on Sep 21, 2014
My Political Views (Tor Guimaraes, USA, 09/21/14 3:04 pm) Randy Black (20 September) does not agree "that a Constitutional Amendment to reverse Citizens United is one of the most strategically important issues to a healthy democracy in the ... more

Gurkhas, and Silesia (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 09/21/14 2:17 pm) I wish to express my deepest respect and honor for the father of John Heelan (21 September) for his excellent military career. Any good soldier deserves this respect, no matter what flag he or she fig ... more

Catalonia, from a Texas Perspective (Anthony J Candil, USA, 09/21/14 2:05 pm) Greetings from Texas, y'all! First of all, my sincere and honest congratulations to all fellow British WAISers on the results of the Scottish referendum. It is a relief to see th ... more

My Father`s Military Service: WWII (John Heelan, UK, 09/21/14 4:44 am) JE asked me offline to share some WWII memories related to me by my father (same name as me). My recall of his war stories is now more than fifty years old, so it may well be sketchy and incomplete. ... more

Muslims in Catalonia (Jordi Molins, Spain, 09/21/14 4:01 am) Just to make it clear to Massoud Malek (21 September), Draco is not a Catalan. He is clearly a Spaniard (on his webpage, it seems that Salamanca appears very often). I hope Massoud's ... more

Michael Bloomberg`s Political Party (Randy Black, USA, 09/21/14 3:40 am) When commenting my post of 20 September, John E wrote that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a Republican. John is mistaken. Bloomberg lists himself as Independent. He left the Republican Pa ... more

Referendum Aftermath; Looking to Catalonia (Massoud Malek, USA, 09/21/14 3:25 am) British people are blessed to live in the greatest democracy in the world. On Thursday, 18 September, we all witnessed the first democratic revolution in the history of mankind. Everyone in the United ... more

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