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  Posts on Aug 23, 2014
Is Saudi Arabia Running IS? (Massoud Malek, USA, 08/23/14 6:10 am) Before the beheading of the American journalist James Foley, the US military airstrikes against ISIL terrorists in Iraq were a mere show of force. For more than two months, American policy makers, who ... more

Race and Racism (Robert Whealey, USA, 08/23/14 4:32 am) In response to Massoud Malek (22 August), those who venture on the fuzzy concept of "race" open up a can of worms.  It cannot be addressed in a one-page comment. There have been dozens, ... more

Reach Out to Assad? (Paul Pitlick, USA, 08/23/14 4:03 am) When commenting on Enrique Torner's post of 21 August, John Eipper wondered if the US/NATO are secretly negotiating with Syria's Assad. NPR's Morning Edition recently ran a piece ... more

James Foley; Why Do Journalists Put Themselves in Danger? (Nigel Jones, UK, 08/23/14 3:46 am) I also found John Eipper's "Death Wish" comment (22 August) about journalists in a War Zone slightly jarring, but there is nothing new in the desire of (usually) young (usually) men wan ... more

  Posts on Aug 22, 2014
James Foley; Why Do Journalists Put Themselves in Danger? (Mike Bonnie, USA, 08/22/14 11:07 am) JE asked on 22 August, referring to James Foley: "What is the stuff that motivates these daredevils?" The answer perhaps can be explained in Dr. Frank Farley's development of the ... more

James Foley (John Heelan, UK, 08/22/14 5:10 am) The tragic Foley execution raises the following points in my mind: Firstly, an overwhelming sense of national shame that the executioner appears to be British. Secondly, the power of modern v ... more

James Foley; No Sarcasm Intended (Eugenio Battaglia, Italy, 08/22/14 4:16 am) In response to Francisco Ramírez (22 August), I certainly meant no sarcasm at all. I just wanted to show my mourning for James Foley--a great, proud, and heroic man. JE commen ... more

on Superior Race and Religion (Massoud Malek, USA, 08/22/14 3:42 am) Barbara in Sanskrit means not an Aryan or a low fellow. Greeks believed that whoever is not Greek is a barbarian. Plato rejected the Greek-barbarian dichotomy as a logical absurdity. I ... more

James Foley (Francisco Ramirez, USA, 08/22/14 3:21 am) The man just got beheaded. Is it necessary for Eugenio Battaglia to sarcastically refer to James Foley as the "great, heroic, proud American reporter..."? JE comments:  I read no ... more

  Posts on Aug 21, 2014
Four More to Go: WAIS Appeal and Honor Roll (John Eipper, USA, 08/21/14 2:45 pm) On 8/8, I humbly asked for 8 new colleagues to contribute to the WAIS Care and Feeding fund by 8/28, which as coincidence would have it, is my eighth anniversary as WAIS editor. I'm proud to anno ... more

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